Where are Wendel and Fernanda Alves Now?

February 8, 2019, was a tragic day for many, given the fire that took ten young lives of the athletes of Flamengo Soccer Club’s Vulture’s Nest Training Center. The story is well-documented in Netflix’s ‘From Dreams to Tragedy: The Fire that Shook Brazilian Football,’ AKA ‘O Ninho: Futebol & Tragédia’ and features many who remember the day vividly. Wendel Alves is one of the survivors of the tragedy in question and was featured in the documentary series along with his mother, Fernanda Alves. The two have captivated the attention of many viewers, leaving them hopeful to learn more about them.

Wendel Alves is Thriving as a Soccer Player

Wendel Alves was one of the many teenagers who found themselves facing the fire at Vulture’s Nest that claimed ten lives. Having been invested in the world of soccer for a very long time, he had been a proud recruit of the Flamengo Soccer Club. On February 8, 2019, when the shipping container that the athletes slept in had caught on fire, Wendel had been among those who had woken up and tried his level best to help others. Due to his efforts, two more lives were saved, though the athlete himself continues to mourn those who passed away.

While talking about the tragedy, Wendel shared that he had been able to go home the very next day and had been welcomed home by his relieved family. According to the athlete, his new club had quickly made him feel at home. He went on to share how, in January 2020, he had received a call simply stating that he was no longer a part of Flamengo, though he claimed that he still does not know the reason why. In November of 2022, he became a part of Sport Club Internacional and is now a part of its Under 20 team. Wendel has even participated in the Campeonato Brasileiro Under 20 tournament.

On January 27, 2024, Wendel celebrated his 19th birthday and is looking forward to accomplishing more in his career as a striker. The athlete’s determination and sheer hard work have helped him make a name for himself in the industry, and he hopes to increase his skills as a player. He also seems to cherish the love and support that his family has bestowed upon him over the years, and he always takes delight in seeing them cheer him on in various ways.

Due to his career as a soccer player, Wendel is often on the road, but he makes sure to keep a miniature of the Virgin Mary, who is venerated as Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil. It is evident that Wendel has not forgotten the friends that he lost in the tragedy. He has also confessed that there are certain triggers that make him feel like he is surrounded by fire once more. His decision to speak about his own experience as a survivor allowed the world to become intimately aware of the severity of the tragedy that took place. As such, it is hardly a wonder that many have commended him for his bravery and athleticism.

Fernanda Alves is a Proud Mother of Two

In the Netflix series, Fernanda Alves shared how her son, Wendel Alves, had started to play soccer around the age of five to six. She fondly recollected how he would sneak away from his home multiple times a day, all in order to play soccer. She shared how she always prayed for her son’s success, hoping that being a soccer player was indeed the right path for him. However, she confessed that she could have never imagined that her son could be a part of such a tragedy.

Even today, five years after the fire in Vulture’s Nest, Fernanda remains thankful that her son woke up on time and was able to escape with his life. She also expressed pride in the fact that her son had been able to go back and save two of his friends. Fernanda has taken up the role of being one of Wendel’s most ardent supporters and is never shy about telling the world all that her son has accomplished. She also finds joy in being there for her son, Weverton Alves, who is happily engaged to Gabryelle Sousa.

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