Sea Fever Filming Locations

‘Sea Fever’ is a sci-fi thriller that follows the story of a marine biologist named Siobhan. She joins a group of people on their fishing trawler as a part of her project. She has to do her research, and they have to do their usual job. However, as the story moves forward, we discover the presence of a mysterious sea creature. It latches itself to the boat and starts infecting the crew. Due to the lack of knowledge about the creature and no idea how to treat themselves, all of them start dying one by one.

The film presents a story that resonates with our current times. It creates a sense of claustrophobia by limiting its characters in a place from which they can’t run away. This quarantine takes a mental toll on them. In the film, the boat becomes yet another character. In fact, it is the first victim of the creature. It is the first thing to get infected. Just like any other character, it too demands a perfect casting, and the film found the ideal locations to play this role. Here are all the filming locations of ‘Sea Fever’.

Where Was Sea Fever Filmed?

Location is an integral part of any story. It becomes even more relevant when the story’s evolution depends on the confinement of the characters in a particular place. In ‘Sea Fever’ we witness the same thing. The boat becomes the quarantine area of the crew. They have to live in closed quarters with each other, and despite their differences, they have to find common ground. The film brought together different aspects of their journey by diversifying the places where it has been shot. The primary filming location of ‘Sea Fever’ is Ireland. However, the crew also spent some time in Sweden to film several important scenes.

Bray, Ireland

While the whole story takes place on a boat that is stuck somewhere in the middle of the ocean, a lot of filming took place on the land. Ireland became the focal point of all the filming, with most of the scenes being shot at the Ardmore Studios in Bray, Ireland. All of the scenes that take place inside the boat have been filmed in the studio. The sleeping quarters, the kitchen, the dining hall, and the room where the machine to filter the water is- most of these were sets created specifically for the film. The production also took to several locations on the west coast of Ireland, especially Wicklow Harbor.

In an interview, actress Connie Nielsen explained, “The first two days, we shot on an actual trawler, and we got to know the people who operated it, who were just a lovely couple. After those two days, where we were basically just attached to a pier in the harbor, we then moved inside and did the rest of the film on stage. They did a great job with the sets, and we forgot sometimes that we weren’t on a ship, to be honest.”


To tell a story about the sea, you have to eventually turn towards the sea, no matter how much CGI you use in the film. Because the story takes place on the water, there are obviously, some scenes that require the characters to go under the water. Such scenes require great care, so the filmmakers turn towards the professionals for this. All the underwater scenes in ‘Sea Fever’ were filmed at the Poseidon Diving Systems. The filming of several scenes in the film also took place at the Västra Götaland County.

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