Filthy Rich Episode 10: How And Where to Watch Online?

The penultimate episode of ‘Filthy Rich’, which premiered this week, has so many twists that it fits perfectly into the category of dramatic soap operas! The pre finale’s multiple curveballs lead to many important reveals. And we expect the first season to come to a befitting end in the concluding part that drops next week! Excited to know more? Here is our preview of the last episode of ‘Filthy Rich’ season 1.

Filthy Rich Episode 10 Release Date

‘Filthy Rich’ episode 10 will release on November 30, 2020, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT, on Fox.

Where to Stream Filthy Rich Episode 10 Online?

‘Filthy Rich’ drops one weekly episode every Monday night at the above time slot on Fox. All you need to watch on TV is an active cable subscription. The second option, for those who don’t like watching the show on TV, is to catch ‘Filthy Rich’ on the Fox official website. Additionally, the first nine episodes are streaming on Hulu. The platform will add the final episode after it lands on television screens. Viewers can also watch the latest episode on Fox NOW as long as they have a cable login ID. Live-streaming options for cord-cutters include DirecTvFubo TV, and Sling TV.

Filthy Rich Episode 10 Spoilers

The upcoming episode of ‘Filthy Rich’ is titled ‘1 Corinthians 3:13’ and the official synopsis reads – “The Monreaux family finds out about a secret that threatens to tear them apart; Margaret feels compelled to protect Rose as she and Mark get ready to take the next step in their relationship.”

The finale is expected to give closure to all the storylines since there will most likely be NO season 2 (Fox has canceled the series). The conclusion should see if Eugene decides to reveal himself before the rest of the fam after coming clean to Ginger. Again, we need to know how Margaret will tackle Rose’s upcoming wedding since she still believes that Mark is Jason, Rose’s brother. Moreover, will she take back the money she had given to Jason, now that he is not really ‘him’? And what about Rose and Mark? Will their relationship get the ending it deserves?

Filthy Rich Episode 9 Recap

Here is a quick recap of the major events that ensued in episode 9. While Rachel helps find Jesus, Mark admits to his mother Veronica that he had been impersonating his brother Jason all this while. Mark additionally tells Rose that he was the one who had aided Jason with euthanasia. Another big reveal is, Luke Taylor’s murderer is Eric. It is even hinted that Franklin Lee might be connected to Eugene’s apparent death.

Meanwhile, Reverend Paul Luke Thomas is murdered by Hagamond Sheen, who is eventually killed by a car, occupied by Eugene. Eugene comes clean before Ginger and confesses that he is not dead after all! Of course, Ginger is shocked. But it is yet to be seen if she can coerce her dad to admit the truth before the rest of the fam. On the other hand, Rose prepares for her upcoming nuptials. The episode wraps up with a confused Margaret looking on when false Jason steps out from the limo.

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