FireFighter1 Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Shark Tank‘ season 14 episode 6 introduced the audience to entrepreneur Bianca Wittenberg who was excited about presenting her innovative product, FireFighter 1. While fires can jump out of control at any given second, it can take firefighters some time to arrive on the scene. Hence, keeping a few firefighting tools within reach is always recommended. This is where FireFighter 1 comes in, as it offers a more accessible and better solution to regular fire extinguishers.

FireFighter1: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Although Bianca Wittenberg completed her Bachelor of Science in Business, Management, Marketing, and related support services from Northern Arizona University in 2008, readers will be interested to know that she started her first company, All Play Lawns LLC, in May of 2006. After graduation, Bianca worked as a Broker Associate at several real estate agencies before finding employment with the United States Department of Defense as an Air Traffic Control Specialist.

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

In 2015, Bianca joined IBMC Lending as an operations manager and broker, and in the following year began pursuing her MBA from the Sacramento State College of Business Administration. While continuing with her studies, Bianca went on to establish her own real estate agency, Own It Real Estate, which she operates to this very day. Additionally, she has also maintained her job with IBMC Lending while serving as the Chief Executive Officer at FireFighter 1.

A native of California, Bianca mentioned that she lives in a forest fire-prone area. However, she was pretty disappointed to discover that the public was not given proper tools to fight emergency fires other than ineffective fire extinguishers. Hence, she took to the drawing board and came up with the idea of FireFighter 1 in 2015. The FireFighter 1 is an innovative yet simple product that consists of a 1.5″ nylon fire hose that can connect to one’s pool pump through a diverter.

While it is quite easy for a customer to connect the hose themselves, they can also ask their maintenance guy or a licensed contractor to do the needful. Moreover, apart from being resistant to wear and tear, FireFighter 1 comes with a high-pressure nozzle and offers customers an easy way to take care of small fires. Also, the entire set includes a 3-way diverter for installation as well as a sturdy protective case.

FireFighter1 is Paving its Way in the Market Today

When FireFighter 1 launched in 2015, Bianca was pleasantly surprised by the positive response to her product and was encouraged to take her company even further. She made slight changes to her product to make it more wear resistance and even came up with the idea of offering customers an option about the length of the hose they want to purchase. Moreover, since Bianca already had valuable experience in owning and operating two other companies, she was able to use effective marketing techniques, including social media marketing, to increase FireFighter 1’s reach.

At present, the FireFighter 1 is available exclusively on the official company website and will set you back by $369 for the 50-foot option and $479 for the 100-foot option. Besides, the website even offers a complete installation guide as well as a user manual to get customers acquainted with their purchases. Moreover, Bianca also mentioned that apart from helping a few customers install their products, her company also helps them meet the requirements for water insurance.

Additionally, Bianca even recommends users test the system a couple of times a year to ensure that it can be availed at a moment’s notice. FireFighter 1’s rise to the top can be solely credited to Bianca’s drive and hard work, and we are confident that the company will achieve further success in the near future.

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