First Saturday Lime on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

Shark Tank‘ on ABC, is not unfamiliar to many. It has established itself as a leading business entertainment show. Wondering how this is done? ‘Shark Tank’ craftily blends two ends of the business spectrum: the curious end of the investors and the aspiring side of business entrepreneurs. The catch, however, is that you need to have what it takes. If there is anything these 11 seasons long TV show has taught us; it is that you need to be rooted in the practicality of your business.

Business tycoons like Mark Cuban, whose net estimate runs over 4.1 billion according to Forbes, naturally didn’t get there overnight. Such are the panelists of the show, who have built a third eye that can see into the potential future of any business projects they encounter. 

First Saturday Lime: Who Are They?

‘First Saturday Lime’ is owned by a dedicated family whose family has been in farming for over 50 years. This dedicated, savvy business-minded family has a core value that binds them holistically to their products. The entrepreneur’s family loves being outside and playing with their pets and farm friends. To make this experience safer while also solving a problem, the family found the means to get rid of insects through a practical end.

They believe in being able to protect the earth by making their products eco friendly. These eco-enthusiasts have products ranging from anti-microbial wet wipes to insect repellents. Their insect repellant is their key product through which they are trying to build their brand.

The products are aimed to make the lives of many in farming much more comfortable. They set themselves apart by going against corporate models that are heavily dependent on using strong chemicals. ‘First Saturday Lime’ claims itself to be of multiple uses, whether it be to avoid the damage of crops by pests or protecting dog and kennel houses from these harmful insects. In other words, they not only have an eco-friendly sustainable model but also aspire for multi-functionality with their products.

First Saturday Lime: What Do They Do?

‘First Saturday Lime’s’ core product is their insect repellent that is priced at $ 27.99 for around 20 lbs. This desiccant is claimed to be derived from 100% natural substances. It works by drying out insects, their larvae and eggs. The product is equally useful as a means for cure and prevention. They have an affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) stamp on their products.

The pesticide that is insoluble is claimed to pose no threat of mixing with the soil and permeating in the environment through moisture.  The company guarantees that it is safe to be used in stables, kennels, gardens, and chicken coops. Additionally, it can be used as limewash for walls, coops, and trees. The product can either be purchased on the go or be subscribed to, in which case the product will be shipped over every first Saturday of the month. Now we understand the reason behind the name ‘First Saturday Lime’.

If one is also curious about the frog logo, there is an answer to that as well. The logo is a tribute to Ricardo, a frog who was a regular visitor during the time the product was made. They named the frog Ricardo, after their dad, and also because frogs naturally take care of insect problems. The company is not only confident in their product but also of their vision. Check out their website here.

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