6 Best Fishing Shows on Netflix Right Now

Do you like seafood? Is fish an important part of your diet? Do you indulge in fishing? If your answer to any of these questions starts with a yes, then you couldn’t have been at a better place. In its repository, Netflix houses some great programs for its varied audience. You like the sea and all the cuisine that it offers to the world? Here you will find some of the best series that show you where exactly your food comes from. They will also be of massive help in case you want to learn something about fishing or simply want an education on sea life.

Before introducing you to some of the best fishing shows available on Netflix, I’d like to make an honourable mention of a documentary. ‘Fire at Sea’ is available on Netflix right now. It is not a fishing documentary per se; however, it does focus on life at sea. The film was nominated for Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in 2017. It uses the premise of the European migrant crisis to tell the story of a 12-year-old boy and a doctor. With such a strong subject matter, the film successfully fulfills its responsibility of giving people a taste of a migrant’s life. It is a moving tale and whether or not you like shows about sea and fish or any other aquatic thing, you must watch this documentary. With that said, here’s the list of really good fishing shows on Netflix that are available to stream right now:

6.. Trawlermen Tales (2016)

Going out into the sea is somewhat like going to war. You are in enemy territory, you need a plan and your weapons and things can easily go south for you. It all comes down to survival. Another common factor is that while you are battling the storm, your family anxiously waits for you back home. Every time you go out, you have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. ‘Trawlermen Tales’ follows this side of a fisherman’s story. While he is out there making a living and facing the sea with utmost bravery, his family wishes for his safe return.

5.. Monster Fish (2009 – 2018)

You have no idea how many types of fish there are unless you are an ichthyologist or someone who works in the fish or seafood business. Just as different places on land have a different climate which further decides the type of flora and fauna of that place, the aquatic life is rather specific too when it comes to having creatures in different waters. Shallow and deep, freshwater and saltwater, equatorial and polar regions — these are only some minor and rather obvious categories when it comes down to segregating the animals. Things get even more interesting when you find a patch of freshwater in a place surrounded by salt water on all sides. Mother Nature tends to get creative in these things, and it gives rise to exotic species that can only be found in certain circumstances. In ‘Monster Fish’, Dr Zeb Hogan takes you on a journey to find out all these exotic fish.

4.. Lindner’s Fishing Edge (2015 – Present)

Fishing is an art. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come easily to you. If you are willing to, you can learn a lot and hope to excel in it someday. It teaches you a lot of things, patience being one of the topmost lessons. Another thing that you’ll have to learn is that different waters have to be waded differently. Where you are fishing becomes an important pointer to how you should be fishing. It might seem a lot of work right now, but once you get a hang of important things, you’ll be alright. Al and James Lindner are here to teach you just that. In every episode of the show, these fishing experts take you to a different environment, mostly tackling freshwater, introduce you to the challenges that come with new territories and show you how to beat them.

3. Battlefish (2018 – Present)

When it comes to making a living, fishing becomes a competitive business. You are not at your leisure here, you can’t spend hours by a lake, taking in nature and waiting for your line to hook some fish. In the business, you have to be an early bird. You have to make it before other parties come in, and try to catch as much as you can. This spirit of competition forms the basis of ‘Battlefish’. This Netflix original is a reality show that pits fishing crews against each other. The one with the most bounty is crowned the winner. The aim might be simple but the way to it is as easy as surviving in treacherous waters. In the difficult environment of the sea, the crew not only has to focus on winning, but also on making sure that the pressure of the job doesn’t mess their relationship with each other. If you love watching reality shows, and also have some love for fishing, then this is the perfect show for you.

2. MeatEater (2012 -)

Hosted by Steven Rinella, ‘MeatEater’ is non-fiction outdoors hunting television series produced by Zero Point Zero Production. The show follows its adventurous host, who embarks on some of the most challenging treks around the world in remote regions of the planet. While offering an intimate understanding of outdoor life, Steven Rinella also showcases hunting techniques crucial for survival in these challenging locations. Although ‘MeatEater’ is not necessarily focused on fishing, there are several episodes in which Steven does go hunting for sea animals, including fish, for survival.

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1. Battlefish (2018)

Featuring Justin Bradbury, William Harper, Bill Rehmke, and Karl Travenshek, ‘Battlefish’ is an eight-episode reality television series. The show explores the competitive commercial fishing industry and lays bare the challenges that are faced by people employed in it. It documents the experiences of people aboard vessels Judy S and Oppor-Tuna-Ty as they try to search for the lucrative albacore tuna in the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, finding the rare fish is not an easy task as the experiences leave the crew with several injuries and push them to their limits. With family and other personal problems constantly challenging them, can the crews find the albacore tuna?

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