4 Best Hunting TV Series on Netflix Right Now

The outdoors and the Palaeolithic lifestyle have always been a fascination for most of us and one big reason behind this is that it’s engraved deep within our roots. We find a sense of purpose out there in the wild where our only motive in life is survival. Two and a half million years ago when men first lived on the surface of the Earth, their lives were far more different from the lives that we live today. Their priorities were simple yet not-so-easy and revolved around one core principle — only the fit shall survive. They would spend days hunting down animals, so that later at the end of the day they could get enough nutrition. Our lives are a lot more complex now and our priorities keep shifting but they definitely don’t rely on survival directly. In fact, a lot of our priorities rely on bland materialistic pleasures of the world where surviving has become a lot easier but a sense of purpose is something that seems to be diminishing.

This is where our passion for hunting comes in. The thrill of being in the woods or out in the most extreme conditions with only one sole priority of surviving brings back our sense of purpose, at least temporarily, and all the rubbish and hogwash nonsense of the world do fade away, taking us back to our roots. But no matter how gibberish the ideas of the modern world might seem to us, we live in it and we’ve got to do whatever we do. Which means that we cannot always go out hunting and live the rest of our lives in the woods. We have bounds and conformities that we have to fulfill, which prevent us from going out and living like men from the stone-age.

But this world is not all that bad either, because it does give us easier alternatives for everything and this dilemma of finding purpose and freedom in nature also has a solution. What do you do when you want to experience something very different which may not seem possible for you to? You either read or watch other people experiencing the same thing. This may not be as good as the real experience but is still a pretty good temporary fix that might even prepare us for the actual situation.

The best part is that the era of Cable TV is almost over and you don’t have to wait for a Saturday afternoon to catch up on the latest adventures of your favorite hunting TV show. Online streaming platform Netflix now has some daunting and thrilling hunting shows that almost make you feel like you’re out there in the game. These shows are not only fun to watch but might even help you gain some knowledge for your own upcoming hunting trip. So, here’s the list of really good hunting shows on Netflix that are available to stream right now:

4. The Hunt (2015)

‘The Hunt’ is a TV mini-series that does feature humans hunting but it captures the hunting lifestyle of the greatest predators out there who prey on the weak of the jungle. It highlights and tries to break down the various hunting strategies that these predators use so that they don’t have to sleep hungry later. Not just that, but the show also discusses the strategies used by the weaker animal who get preyed on to escape these predators, at times without a single wound or scratch. This is by far one of the best nature documentations done by BBC till today and its simple tone along with great editing, and commentary done by David Attenborough give it an edge above the others.

The show takes you through various different eco-systems including the oceans, forests, the Arctic and coasts and shows you what true hunting looks like out there in the wild. ‘The Hunt’ is beautiful, gripping and very informative. It sets a standard for all other natural and hunting documentaries out there that only a few will be able to surpass. This one is highly recommended.

3. Great Wild North (2015)

This show is what we’ve been talking about all this while. Living off in the most extreme temperature with only one purpose — survival. ‘Great Wild North’ revolves around the lives of two people — one is a veteran bushman named Cor who is trying to figure out if he still has what it takes to survive out there in the wild and the other one is an adrenaline junkie named Guy, who just fears that he will have to go back to living a normal life with a white-collar job if he does not make something out of his trapping game. These men risk their lives with their families every single day as they step out of their comfort zones in the inhospitable land of Alaska and the Yukon. It’s the dead of the winter and the only time of the year they are allowed to hunt down dangerous predators for their fur. The folks in this show are smart, fit and surely have what it takes to survive and it’s really inspiring to watch their determination and hard work in conditions that are totally against what they’re trying to do.

2. Chasing Monsters (2016)

Cyril Chauquet takes on a journey to the remotest places on earth with the mission of hunting down the world’s most massive underwater creatures. This man shows his bravery as he walks us through waters that are infested with sharks, forests where Caimans run free and lands where ferocious alligators roam. He also fights a giant Catfish and an enormous Mexican sailfish with his bare hands. This series shows the beautiful yet dangerous nature that surrounds by focusing on creatures that are huge but you still don’t get to see them every day.

It also depicts how skilled Cyril is as a hunter and how he manages to tame each of these animals with ease. Cyril also exhibits a very likable personality on screen and every time he starts talking he makes sure that he only gives out sufficient information about these sea creatures, nothing more or less. Anyone who is into fishing would find ‘Chasing Monsters’ extremely informative and fun to watch and even for others, it can get very addictive to watch Cyril go on these quests for searching creatures most of us wouldn’t know about.

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1. Battlefish (2018)

Commercial fishing is very competitive and laborious for those who are a part of it. Various documentary series have been filmed around this theme that highlight the struggles of these fishing crews against the ruthless water. ‘Battlefish’ is one such documentary series that features fishing crews that pursue lucrative albacore tuna and their struggles as they compete with others in the waters of Oregon Coast. This show dwells a little deeper into each of the characters which make you admire some of the crews a little more than the others even though they are all working equally hard. Compared to other similar shows, this one has a faster pace that makes it really interesting and thrilling. One of the best reality shows out there in this genre.

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