Flasky Flowers Shark Tank Update: Where is Flasky Flowers Today?

Ryan and Kelly Moynihan — entrepreneurs and parents of seven — hoped for a life-changing investment when they introduced their product, Flasky Flowers, in season 13 episode 3 of ‘Shark Tank.’ An essential for any wedding ceremony, Flasky Flowers do away with the inconvenience of holding a bouquet and a champagne glass at the same time. Such an interesting product sure got us curious, and we decided to trace the company’s growth since their appearance on the business-themed reality show!

Flasky Flowers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The brilliant idea for Flasky Flowers first came to Kelly Moynihan when she was observing women at a wedding. Incidentally, Kelly’s job as a hairstylist took her to several weddings where she busied herself with the makeup and hairdo of brides and bridesmaids. During such times, she noticed how women are inconvenienced by the flower bouquets they are supposed to hold as they are often required to put down their drink glasses just to pose for a picture.

Moreover, clutching a bouquet and a drink simultaneously can also be quite challenging and does not let the person enjoy their drink in peace. Thinking of a way to combine the bouquet and beverage holder in the same contraption, Kelly and her husband, Ryan, went straight to the drawing board and came up with Flasky Flowers.

The product is based on a simple concept that appears as a typical bouquet but has a hidden beverage container built into it. The handle of the flower folder acts as the 12-ounce flask, which is covered by a foam sphere, which further comes in two varieties — dry for artificial flowers and wet for natural ones. The user only has to flip open the sphere and pour in the beverage before closing it shut. The flowers are then arranged into the foam sphere while a straw peeks out through the bouquet, offering easy access to the drink.

Flasky Flowers: Where Are They Now?

Once Kelly managed to get a working design, she decided to contain the manufacturing inside the United States. Thus, after getting a patent on her idea, she found a local manufacturer in Florida and began testing out her products at different bridal shows. Surprisingly, the response was electric, and the product kept getting sold out wherever they went. Kelly then realized that she had a whole untapped market for such an impressive product and decided to build her own website.

Since then, Kelly has never looked back as she began selling her product through her own website. She even registered on the online shopping site Etsy which gave her product easy access to a massive customer base. Sales figures were quite positive, encouraging the Delray Beach, Florida, couple to grow the business and try new and innovative designs.

Each unit of Flasky Flowers comes in either green or white and usually ships with the dry foam sphere. However, Kelly allows customers to repurchase both types of foam spheres, which increases the product’s longevity. Currently, Flasky Flowers is exclusively available on their own website as well as Etsy and is sure to give you a wonderful experience for the price of $25.

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