Where is Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa Filmed?

‘Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa’ is HGTV’s reality series, which follows the titular housing and renovation expert as he guides real estate rookies through their first flips. This means that Tarek is the primary guy in charge and needs to handle things if they go amiss. Of course, this means that we get to witness countless properties in the show — ranging from quaint, little houses to huge, extravagant mansions. And needless to say, each of these showcased buildings manages to keep us awestruck. So, this might make you wonder where this HGTV series is filmed. We are here to answer just that!

Flipping 101 With Tarek El Moussa Filming Locations

Almost all of the episodes of ‘Flipping 101’ are filmed in and around California. This is expected since Tarek El Mousa happens to be a resident of Orange County and runs his California-based company, Tarek El Moussa & Associates. And this location is ideal since California houses a burgeoning real estate market — having multiple properties available for sale at foreclosure auctions. Tarek and team fix them up and sell them at a profit.

In ‘Flipping 101’, we follow Tarek and his accompanying newbie flipper as they visit a mother-son duo, whose home is located in Woodland Hills, CA. But a devastating fire has destroyed the house and the family is waiting for insurance, with ever-increasing loan amounts. Again, in a very interesting episode, we meet a fam in Compton, Los Angeles County, whose property is in danger as they had not contacted the authorities for the required permits.

We also see a couple who takes on a flip by themselves in an expensive location in Pasadena, CA. Another husband-wife duo executes a home renovation project in Playa del Rey, CA. The lady of the house wants a bohemian-style appeal but things soon go south when the homeowners face permit issues. Another episode follows professional dancers-turned house flippers who want to carry out a high-end flipping project in Brentwood, CA. But they soon land in a financial crisis, coupled with a foundation issue in the property.

A duo, comprising two amateur flippers seeks Tarek’s help after having faced one of the worst houses in Fullerton, CA. As it turns out, the property had once belonged to a hoarder and is now completely in ruins. We additionally follow Tarek as helps a couple who has bought a small home in Sylmar, CA. But a cracked foundation and falling retaining walls are acting as a roadblock to the homeowners’ dreams.

If you want more insights into what goes on behind the scenes after the TV cameras stop rolling, you can also watch HGTV’s exclusive digital series ‘Tarek’s Flip Side’. For more sneak peeks, you can always head to the official site of ‘Renovation 101’!

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