Flipping Out: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

‘Flipping Out’ is a reality show that took viewers behind the scenes of the high-stakes world of house flipping and interior design upon its premiere in 2007 on Bravo. The series follows the professional and personal life of Jeff Lewis, a real estate speculator and interior designer with a penchant for perfectionism and a quick temper. The series showcases the challenges of the real estate market, tight deadlines, and the sometimes chaotic nature of home renovations. Throughout its run, ‘Flipping Out’ enjoyed a loyal fan base, drawn to the mix of real estate drama and the comedic dynamics among the cast.

However, the show wasn’t without controversy. Jeff’s relationships with clients, employees, and Bravo executives sometimes created tensions, adding another layer of intrigue to the series. As with many reality TV shows, ‘Flipping Out’ eventually came to an end. The show concluded its run in 2018 after 11 seasons, leaving fans with a mix of nostalgia and curiosity about the fates of the cast. As fans reflect on the show and its cast, many must find themselves wondering how their lives and careers have evolved since the cameras stopped rolling.

Jeff Lewis is Surrounded By Controversies Even Today

Jeff Lewis is known for his razor-sharp wit and penchant for perfection. Bringing a spinoff to the table, ‘Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis,’ in 2009, he made a bold move into the design world by establishing his very own design firm. Since 2022, he is also the host of the interior design reality show ‘Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis.’ Jeff also ventured into uncharted territories. With the success of his radio show ‘Jeff Lewis Live,’ he launched his own Sirius XM channel in June 2023. His personal life has always been a public spectacle. His 10-year relationship with business manager Gage Edward took center stage when they welcomed a daughter via surrogate in 2016.

However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and so did Jeff and Gage’s relationship in January 2019, leading to a shared custody arrangement for their daughter. From dating Scott Anderson in 2019 to a more recent fling with celebrity chef Stuart O’Keefe, Jeff’s love life was a headline-making whirlwind. In mid-October 2023, his relationship with Stuart ended. Amidst his romantic escapades, Jeff was not one to shy away from controversy. His fallout with long-time co-star Jenni Pulos left fans both heartbroken and intrigued. Of recent, he kicked up dust with heated exchanges, including passing unnecessary comments about Kyle Richards and throwing shade at reality TV newcomers like Monica Garcia.

Jenni Pulos Nassos is Now Focused on Her Family

Jenni Pulos Nassos shines through as she co-wrote and performed the theme song for Bravo’s immensely popular ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.’ She started her show journey with Chris Eldwood but is now married to Jonathan Nassos, an Orthopedic Surgeon. Jenni is the proud mother of two daughters, Georgia and Alianna. Alianna’s birth episode on ‘Flipping Out’ earned a Primetime Emmy nomination in 2014. She delved into the literary world with her memoir-advice novel titled, Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way. Despite Jeff’s attempts to reconcile after their fallout, Jenni chose a different path, as revealed in an interview with People.

Undeterred, Jenni has since immersed herself in family life, sharing joyous moments with her daughters on Instagram and expressing her passion for theatre. Jenni’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her company, Pulos Brands and Jenni Pulos Jewelry. She’s an active participant in charitable endeavors. This dynamic personality has expanded her creative horizons as a producer and executive producer for shows like ‘The Super Kids Crew,’ ‘Talent Too,’ ‘Clothes Minded,’ ‘Two Cute Reviews,’ and ‘InKind News.’

Jenni’s on-screen presence continues with appearances on shows such as ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,’ ‘Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,’ and ‘The Talk.’ Currently residing in her Encino, California home, Jenni is in the midst of diverse projects, including her second kids’ album, an animated children’s series, and co-writing children’s books. Nominated for awards like the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Female Reality Star, Jenni Pulos Nassos remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of entertainment and beyond.

Gage Edward is an Entrepreneur Today

Gage Edward has crafted an intriguing journey that ventures far beyond the drama-laden halls of reality TV. After bidding farewell to the chaos of house flipping onscreen, Gage charted his course and founded Gage Edward, LLC. However, it didn’t stop there; in 2021, he ascended to the role of President of Partnerships at SideDoor, showcasing his knack for forging successful collaborations. The aftermath of his highly publicized split with Jeff in 2019 saw Gage delve into a new chapter of life as a co-parent to their daughter, Monroe.

Despite the relationship’s complexities, Jeff and Gage put differences aside to celebrate Monroe’s milestones, coming together for her graduation. He later emerged as a co-host and design expert on the show ‘Level Up My Room.’ His television presence extended to ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County,’ but in a surprising twist, Jeff dropped a bombshell about Gage’s romantic life, asserting that his ex-boyfriends Gage Edward and Scott Anderson were now romantically involved. He seems to be curating a fresh path on his terms. A recent Instagram post featuring a beaming Gage alongside Scott captioned with a simple yet impactful “Grateful.”

Megan Weaver Runs Megan Weaver Designs

The audience saw Megan Weaver in season 7 as stepping into the spotlight. After the show, she continued to make waves alongside Jeff in various ventures. Her partnership with Jeff extended beyond the screen, participating in shows like ‘Jeff Lewis Live’ and ‘Hollywood Houselife with Jeff Lewis.’ In 2012, Megan showcased her design prowess on ‘Hideous Houses.’ Building on her experience, Megan established Megan Weaver Design, a Los Angeles-based interior design company.

In the realm of personal life, Megan’s journey took twists and turns. Once married to Robert Duncan and now divorced, she embraced motherhood with two children, Drew and Beau. Recent glimpses on her Instagram suggest that love has found its way back into her life, with posts featuring a charming gentleman, sparking curiosity among her followers.

Tyler Meyerkorth Has Reunited With Jeff Lewis in Professional Capacity

Considered Jeff’s right-hand man during the show, working alongside Jeff for four years, Tyler’s journey with the design maestro took an unexpected turn when Jeff decided to part ways, citing concerns about truthfulness and honesty. Tyler now owns Meyerkorth Designs, showcasing his prowess in the design world. Also, it looks like Jeff and Tyler are back again, as Tyler is currently working with Jeff, as seen in the show ‘Hollywood Houselife with Jeff Lewis.’ Not just limited to professional achievements, Tyler’s personal life has also become a topic of interest. Frequent posts featuring a certain Jake on his Instagram suggest a blossoming romantic connection, creating a buzz among followers.

Zoila Chavez is Settled in Nicaragua Today

The beloved housekeeper Zoila Chavez’s relationship with Jeff, marked by humor and occasional tension, became a focal point of the interior design series. Her retirement from working for Jeff during season 10 marked a turning point. Jeff shared on his radio show that, once again, Zoila was about to take on a new role in his life as a part-time nanny to his daughter, Monroe. Further details emerged as Jeff disclosed to People magazine that Zoila stayed for the initial six months before making her retirement permanent.

While once again talking about Zoila in ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,’ Jeff revealed that Zoila is now settled in Nicaragua; she now has a daughter and resides in Koreatown. In a surprising and delightful twist for fans, Zoila’s portrait, auctioned in 2008, fetched an impressive USD 10,050 in an online auction, underscoring her enduring popularity and impact on the show’s audience.

Stephen Bowman is a Makeup Artist Today

The tumultuous professional relationship between Jeff and Stephen Bowman reached a breaking point, with disputes ranging from meal preferences to attitude issues. After the show, Stephen ventured into the realms of makeup artistry and acting. His journey as a makeup artist has been nothing short of impressive, with key roles in projects such as ‘We Die Alone,’ ‘Hipster Sweatshop,’ ‘Zoetic,’ and Katja Glieson’s ‘Ride the Wave,’ among others.

In the world of acting, Stephen showcased his talent in ‘From Zero to I Love You,’ demonstrating a versatility that extends beyond the makeup chair. The roster of celebrities he has worked with is a testament to his standing in the industry, including Zac Efron and Mandy Moore, and has been featured in various magazines. Beyond the glitz and glamour of his professional life, Stephen’s Instagram offers glimpses into a more personal side, revealing a close bond with his nephews and nieces.

Chris Elwood is Now an Actor

Chris Elwood, the former house manager on the show, had his share of drama during his tenure on the show, notably appearing alongside his then-wife, Jenni Pulos. However, as life continued after the reality TV spotlight, Chris found a new chapter awaiting him. When Jeff, in his signature no-nonsense style, installed a camera to catch the culprit messing around on his computer, the revelation led to Chris being fired on the season.

Since his time on the show, Chris Elwood transitioned into the realm of acting. Notably, he showcased his talents in various projects, including the short film ‘Sensitive Men.’ His versatility extended to projects like ‘Manhattan Minutiae,’ the TV series ‘Mighty Med,’ and appearances on popular shows like ‘The Young and the Restless,’ ‘I Didn’t Do It,’ and ‘Castle,’ among others. Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, Chris now hosts The SOMEbody Show, on YouTube and has embraced a personal journey as well. He tied the knot with Rachel Elwood in 2011, building a family together. The couple is now parents to two children.

Ryan Brown is Now a Celebrated Interior Designer

Ryan Brown, Jeff’s business partner, shifted gears and ventured into the world of acting, earning credits in notable productions such as ‘The Mick.’ Beyond his on-screen endeavors, Brown established Brown Design Inc., where he currently holds the position of Director of Design. In a candid interview with Out Magazine, Brown expressed his aspirations, revealing a desire to open a distinctive retail store in Los Angeles.

Since their time on the show, Brown and Jeff managed to rebuild their friendship. Brown has continued to channel his creativity into crafting stylish and contemporary spaces for private clients. In a conversation with Coldwell Luxury, Brown unveiled his ambition to create a spec home that transcends the ordinary, aiming for a space that exudes uniqueness and allure.

Chris Keslar is a Realtor Today

Recognizing a lack of growth opportunities within the firm, Chris Keslar decided to quit. Embracing a fresh start, Keslar found his niche in the real estate realm and became associated with Harry Norman Realtors. This move followed a diverse career background, including stints as a producer in the television, fashion, and event industries while residing in both Los Angeles and New York City. His experience at Josh Wood Productions in New York, where he served as an Event Producer, added a dynamic layer to his professional journey. Keslar has chosen to keep his personal life private, maintaining a low profile and abstaining from extensive public disclosures.

Jett Pink is Now a Singer and Musician

Celebrated as the best house assistant ever by Jeff, Jett Pink has seamlessly blended his multifaceted talents in the realms of music. Jett is now recognized as a respected musician and songwriter. He embarked on a continued musical journey, contributing to the vibrant soundscape with the Jett Pink Blues Band. Individually, Jett has kept his musical passion alive by engaging in various gigs.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Jett is a devoted family man, proudly married to Beth Pink. Their familial joy extends to their two children, creating a harmonious balance between his professional pursuits and personal life. Taking on a new professional chapter, Jett Pink has ventured into the world of business, serving as a Worldwide Produce and Sales Representative since 2019.

Sarah Berkman Has Settled Into a Family Life

Sarah Berkman found herself on the receiving end of a difficult decision due to stress and unhappiness, which translated into professional mistakes, including a critical oversight of forgetting to create a budget for a client. Jeff made the tough call to let her go. Since then, Sarah Berkman’s journey has taken a turn toward personal joy and fulfillment. While the details of her marital status remain unconfirmed, it’s evident that love in the name of Steven Slater has found its way into her life. The duo, whether a married couple or romantically involved, now shares the joy of parenthood with the arrival of their son, Sydney.

Trace James Lehnhoff is Getting Married

Trace James Lehnhoff’s catalyst for exit was a thorough examination of his computer history by Jeff and Gage Edward, revealing that Trace had been diverting his focus to personal projects during business hours. The episode documenting Trace’s firing became a standout, marking it as the most-watched of that season at the time. After the show, Trace embarked on a new chapter, showcasing his versatility and talents.

He established his own company and launched a website to showcase and sell his interior design products. Trace delved into the world of OnlyFans as well. In the realm of romance, Trace’s journey after the show included a notable connection with ‘Queer Eye’ host Antoni Porowski. However, their relationship concluded after a year. Currently, Trace has found enduring love and is engaged to Miles McMillan, with wedding bells on the horizon.

Andrew Coleman is Back With Jeff Lewis’ New Show

Image Credit: Andrew Coleman/Facebook

Andrew Coleman, known for his role as the Project Ambassador on the show, was fired by Jeff due to a lack of transparency on Coleman’s side. The confrontation reached its peak when Coleman, feeling challenged, abruptly left the scene. Since then, he ventured into production, contributing to the creation of ‘Half Live.’ Despite the adversities, Coleman embraced a life of adventure, extensively documented on his social media. Recently, audiences witnessed his return to the world of Jeff, with appearances in ‘Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis’ in 2022. Unfortunately, the unfolding chapters of Coleman’s life also revealed a personal battle against cancer.

Katrina Stagg is Now a Senior Program Manager

Katrina Stagg departed from the show to embark on a new career journey with Dunn Edwards Paints. Her presence in ‘Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis’ showcased her versatility, and it became a stepping stone to her subsequent professional endeavors. In the years following her time on reality TV, Stagg’s career trajectory took an exciting turn. As of 2018, she joined Unity, assuming the role of Senior Program Manager.

Before this, Stagg had showcased her skills in the media industry, working at Movie Plot Inc. as the Director of Branded Content and contributing to Super News as Director of Branded Content. Beyond professional achievements, Stagg’s personal life has seen significant milestones. She tied the knot with David Edwards, and the couple welcomed a daughter into their lives.

Joe Potts is an Interior Stylist Today

Joe Potts, making a brief but impactful appearance on the show, left a lasting impression on viewers. His departure from the show, as shared by Jeff, was accompanied by a sense of sadness and regret. Potts transitioned into the realm of interior styling, carving out his niche in the design world. Currently, at the helm of his venture, My LA Designs, Potts channels his creative flair into crafting aesthetically pleasing and innovative interiors.

His journey reflects a dedication to design and a commitment to showcasing his unique style. Delving into his professional history, Potts not only pursued interior styling but also contributed to the production realm. In 2015, he played a role as a production assistant in the movie ‘Bad Exorcist,’ showcasing a multifaceted approach to the entertainment and design industries.

Matthew Ryan is Working With Jenner Communication Today

Image Credit: YouTube

Matthew Ryan’s departure from the show had the most heartfelt farewells. His exit was characterized by the unique bond he shared with Jeff and Gage. As he bid adieu to the show, Jeff orchestrated a poignant going-away dinner for Ryan. Since then, Matthew Ryan embarked on a continued professional journey that intertwined with one of Hollywood’s prominent figures—Kris Jenner. Opting for an amicable departure, Ryan transitioned seamlessly into a role at Jenner Communications, where he had worked before. His trajectory led him to become the Executive Assistant to Kris Jenner, a position he has held since 2016.

Vanina Alfaro is Now Engaged

Vanina Alfaro made the bold decision to leave the show, driven by her aspirations to pursue independent business ventures. Vanina Alfaro is a multifaceted individual who once showcased her talents as the Vocalist and Keyboards in the music duo Odd Modern. However, her endeavors have taken a different direction. Alfaro has ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing her own company, Alfaro MORI. In the realm of personal milestones, Vanina Alfaro’s engagement with Danny Finn adds a touch of romance to her journey.

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