Food Paint Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

Parents often struggle to find healthy and visually appealing food products that their picky eaters will enjoy. However, Noshi Food Paint offers a fun and interactive mealtime experience for kids. It is an organic and edible food paint designed specifically for children. It comes with three tubes of different colored organic fruit purees, which kids can use to paint and decorate a variety of foods, such as pancakes, waffles, ice cream, oatmeal, yogurt, bagels with cream cheese, toast, crackers, and cupcakes.

Tomo Delaney-Lethbridge showcased his company on season 14 and episode 21 of ‘Shark Tank’ in the hopes of presenting his unique and fun food paints for children. Well, let’s find out where Noshi Food Paint is at present, shall we?

Noshi Food Paint: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

CEO and Founder Tomo Delaney-Lethbridgei has been involved with the company since its establishment in February 2015 and has been instrumental in bringing the concept of Food Paint to life. Prior to this, they pursued photography as well as volunteering for Dorot USA, an organization that supports the elderly. With their focus on creating healthy and fun food options for children, Noshi has become a go-to brand for parents looking to make mealtime more exciting and enjoyable for their kids.

Pegi and Tomo, the founders of Noshi Food Paint, were motivated by the challenge of finding healthy and enticing food options for their children. Pegi realized that presenting food to children by color instead of flavor could help encourage them to eat a wider variety of healthy foods. She also wanted to make mealtime more interactive and fun for kids by allowing them to express their creativity and engage with their food through drawing. This inspired the concept of Noshi Food Paint, an organic, edible food paint that comes in three tubes of different colored fruit purees.

With Noshi Food Paint, children can create colorful and artistic designs on their meals, while also getting the nutritional benefits of organic fruits. The founders’ desire to provide a healthier and more engaging option for picky eaters led to the creation of Noshi Food Paint, a product that has been well-received by parents and kids alike. Noshi Food Paint is a safe and healthy food option for kids as it is certified organic, vegan, and free of gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, and eggs. Its ingredients include organic IQF fruit, organic gum powders, and organic pear juice concentrate for flavor and sweetness.

Additionally, organic beet powder and vitamin C are added to stabilize the colors and keep kids healthy. Apart from being fun and interactive, Noshi Food Paint also encourages kids to be involved in the preparation of their food, leading to an increased likelihood of them eating their meals. It allows kids to take pride in their work, focus on the ingredients and effort that went into creating their meals, and enjoy their food while eating healthily. Parents can now provide a product that is both fun and nutritious, which can make mealtime more exciting and interactive for their picky eaters.

Noshi Food Paint Continues to Transform the Food Industry

Noshi Food Paint is not just an ordinary food condiment but a unique tool that sparks creativity and promotes healthy eating habits in children. It enables kids to transform their meals into canvases for their creativity, thereby promoting experimentation with new foods. The potential for creativity with Noshi Food Paint is endless, and it encourages kids to unleash their imaginations. For parents who are struggling to find appealing and healthy food options for their picky eaters, Noshi Food Paint is a game-changer.

With its organic and nutritious ingredients, it is a safe option for children, and its interactive nature promotes healthy eating habits. Noshi Food Paint makes mealtime more exciting and enjoyable for the entire family by providing a fun and engaging way for kids to explore new foods and express themselves creatively. The Peppa Pig Food Paint Case comes with six boxes of food paint, each containing three tubes of organic fruit puree in different colors.

Similarly, the Crayola Food Paint Case also comes with six boxes, each containing a box of three tubes of food paint. Both products are available for purchase at a regular price of $34.95 USD. However, the Noshi Edible Sketchup Food Paint, which comes in tubes of organic tomato ketchup, is currently sold out. The Sketchup Case, which includes six boxes of the product, is also unavailable at this time. These food paint cases are a convenient and fun way for parents to encourage their children to explore healthy eating habits by creating and decorating their own meals.

Noshi Food Paint is created using organic IQF fruit and organic gum powders, which help the paint maintain its shape on the food surface. The gum powders used in Noshi Food Paint consist of a mixture of three types of organic gum powder, which are added in a small quantity of less than 2% volume total. Certified organic, non-GMO, and free from gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, and eggs, Noshi Food Paint is a safe and healthy food option for children.

It contains no added salt, sugars, artificial flavors or colors. With these features, Noshi Food Paint offers a great alternative to traditional, unhealthy condiments and allows children to interact with their food in a fun, creative, and safe way. Parents can confidently provide their children with Noshi Food Paint and enjoy watching them discover and explore new foods with excitement and creativity.

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