Where Was Forged in Fire Season 9 Filmed?

‘Forged in Fire’ is an intense blade-making competition that pits four blacksmiths against each other in a test of craftsmanship. This History Channel series brings together skilled bladesmiths in every episode who compete in a round-elimination format under tight deadlines and tough conditions. Season 9 continued this exciting tradition under host Grady Powell, challenging participants to push their creative and technical boundaries. The gritty and prestigious ‘Forged in Fire’ set is decorated with the winning weapons of its champions, encouraging the contestants to make their mark on the venue, claim the title of Forged in Fire Champion, and take home $10,000. The rugged warehouse space incites curiosity in fans and aspirants alike regarding where filming for the season actually took place.

Forged in Fire Filming Locations

Season 9 of ‘Forged in Fire’ was filmed primarily in Stamford, Connecticut. The team behind the show selected Stamford for its state-of-the-art facilities and the controlled environment it offers, which is crucial for maintaining the safety and precision needed for high-stakes competition. Prior to Stamford, the show was housed at Brooklyn Fireproof Stages in New York City, New York, until season 5.

Stamford, Connecticut

The Fairfield County city has become an ideal setting for filming ‘Forged in Fire.’ Stamford is a hub for creative industries, with numerous production facilities catering to television and film. The decision to film in Stamford allowed the ‘Forged in Fire’ team to utilize top-notch equipment and a spacious set essential for the intricate and often hazardous tasks that contestants face. The exact site of the contest is a closely guarded secret, and even the structure containing the set is made to seem inconspicuous from the outside. “It is filmed in a building that looks like a heavy equipment sales place,” said contestant Matthew Shairi in an interview. “They are very discreet. It’s a very nicely outfitted shop.”

Located in Fairfield County, Stamford is well-connected to major cities like New York and Boston, which is convenient for cast, crew, and guest judges. This strategic location is vital for a production involving experts and participants from across the country. The local community’s support and the city’s welcoming attitude towards the film industry further enhance Stamford’s appeal as a filming location. The city’s diverse architectural styles, scenic landscapes, and connectivity have been featured in shows and films like ‘The Office,’ Netflix’s ‘Happiness for Beginners,’ ‘The Big C,’ and ‘Righteous Kill.’

Stonington, Connecticut

For episode 12 of the season, the production team ventured to the village of Mystic, located in the coastal town of Stonington. Nestled along the southeastern coast of Connecticut, Mystic is a historical seaport that manufactured vessels in the 18th century. The cast and crew traveled to the Mystic Seaport Museum at 75 Greenmanville Avenue to do their own crafting by the shoreside. The maritime establishment provided a fascinating backdrop in line with the show’s aesthetic. The maritime museum offers a deep dive into America’s seafaring history and houses a prized collection of historic vessels, including Charles W. Morgan, the world’s last surviving wooden whaling ship, which dates back to 1841.

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