Former QVC Hosts: Where Are They Now?

Altering the quintessential shopping experience, QVC is a free-to-air television network that alters consumers’ home shopping experience. The shopping channel features numerous shows throughout the day wherein hosts and presenters feature a wide range of products for the customers. From fashion and apparel to appliance and home improvement, the network features an array of products and simplifies the user experience. First launched in 1986, the network has been home to several hosts and presenters. It has been years since many television personalities walked away from the channel. Naturally, fans are curious to know their latest whereabouts. So, if you’re also curious about them, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Jacque Gonzales is Serving as Inspector of Elections

Having earned a degree in Marketing and Psychology from the University of New Mexico, Jacque began her career in media and broadcast in Alberquque. For almost two decades, the television personality honed her skills in voice-over, broadcast, and radio and worked in places like Hawaii, New York, Missouri, and California. Finally, in 2002, Jacque decided to say goodbye to her career behind the microphone and decided to showcase her skills in front of the camera. After getting hired as a Show Host for the network, she went on to clock billions of dollars in sales and worked with numerous brands and artists like Celine Dion, Michael Buble, and Joan Rivers.

However, the television personality decided to step back from television in 2017. So, why did Jacque Gonzales leave QVC? After more than four decades in the workplace, Jacque decided that it was time to take a step back and reevaluate her needs. She decided to step down from the network to take care of her health and spend more time with her family.

Along with her husband, Jim, and her daughter, Theresa, Jacque now enjoys familial bliss. Not just this, the woman in her 40s has also occupied a role in local government. The television personality is now the Inspector of Elections for the County of Chester in Pennsylvania and has been reelected for her second term in office. She also helms Jacque Gonzales Media, where she works as a live-selling expert and National Television Host.

Gabrielle Kerre is an Influencer Now

Leaving behind her initial calling as a reporter, Gabrielle made the move from Baltimore, Maryland, to Pennsylvania in 2007 when she decided to work with QVC. After getting hired by the network to work as a Program Host, Gabrielle went on to map the road to success. Not only did she create a remarkable presence on television with her storytelling abilities, but she also gained a wide viewership for her enthralling demeanor. However, after 13 years of work with the network, the star ultimately resigned.

So, why did Gabrielle Kerre leave QVC? Like many of her colleagues, she also became one of the few hundreds who were let go from the company in light of restructuring and management. After QVC hit losses, a lot of structural changes were made to restore the balance sheets, some of which involved firing the employees.

Despite being laid off, Gabrielle has embraced the challenges and opportunities of life head-on. The star is now working as a Freelance On-Air Talent and sells products for Lug Live. When she’s not selling through online portals, Gabrielle likes to connect with fans through her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog. She is also working as an influencer. In her 40s, the television personality also enjoys spending time with her husband, Judson, and their two children, Jace and Coco.

Judy Crowell Hosts a Fitness Channel Now

The Florida University alum discovered the horizons of her abilities and decided to join QVC after honing her skills in communications and broadcast for significant years. After joining QVC in 1989, Judy excelled at her craft and brought countless customers to QVC for more than a decade. In 2004, Judy decided that she needed to face another challenge and decided to join HSN as a Program Host in Florida. However, this stint was short-lived, and Judy also worked with networks like JTV and Evine Live.

In 2019, Judy decided to kick-start her own brand. She now heads Judy Crowell Style. Under its ambit, she and her husband, Paul Deasy, hold a ‘Sunday Funday Podcast.’ Judy also has a fitness channel and attracts thousands of fitness enthusiasts with her workouts and routines. The ShopNBC alum also loves spending time with her children – Kristen and Kyle, and is now even a grandmother. While there have been health scares and surgery for the television personality, Judy has stayed undeterred in her resolve and continues to exemplify her abilities through ever-evolving success.

Claire Sutton is Enjoying Family Time Now

Finding a calling in television, Claire had left behind her career as a professional dancer, model, and actress when she decided to join QVC. Having hosted BBC’s ‘Takeover Bid,’ she still retained an understanding of on-air television. Ultimately, the TV host joined QVC in 1998 after leaving behind her cheerleading band G-Force. The star maintained her growth on television for more than 20 years.

Finally, in 2020, Claire decided to put her family first and leave the network. Now, she works as a funeral celebrant and was trained for six months to understand the ways and customs of the job. Based in the United Kingdom, the television personality likes to spend time with her husband Daniel, whom she met on the taping of ‘Gladiators,’ and their children – Tom, Maddie, and Joe. At 56, Claire loves spending time with her loved ones, particularly her son Tom, who is diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Albany Irvin is Operating as a Brand Strategist Now

With an intersectional expertise in marketing, strategy, and branding, Albany catapulted into sales and strategy in 2005. Having graduated from Ouachita Baptist University with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry, she didn’t limit her career path to science alone. The TV star started working as a Corporate spokesperson and Public Speaker in 1993. From working with a wide range of clientele, Albany honed her unscripted speaking skills. Finally, after learning the ropes of sales, marketing, and e-commerce for over a decade, she auditioned for QVC in 2009.

The television personality ultimately accrued more than $200 million in sales. Not only did she represent QVC in numerous conferences, but she also accrued wide renown for her ability to connect with viewers. After almost eight years at the network, Albany decided to hang up the robes and instead spend time with her family. Finally, she left television in 2016 and has since opened the next phase of her life.

The television personality operates her own brand wherein she offers services as a brand strategist and media coach online. She has also returned to entertainment and is currently selling jewelry at JTV. On the personal front, the 51-year-old is married and loves to spend time with her three children. While the television personality enjoys familial bliss, she prefers to keep their identities hidden and keep their privacy intact.

Sharon Faetsch is Focusing on Family Life

Before claiming her monopoly on QVC, Sharon had an illustrious career as a singer. Trained in classical music, the singer and actress has depicted her abilities in several ways. The star appeared on ‘Star Trek: The Experience’ and ‘The Sin’ before solidifying her presence on the shopping network. Despite auditioning for the spot in 2002, Sharon failed to secure the role until the next year, primarily due to her wedding. Nevertheless, Sharon managed to woo audiences and create a connection with customers for years to come. She finally departed from the network in 2018 in a feat to spend more time with her family.

Choosing to focus on her two children – Kaylee and Desmond and her husband, Langdon James, Sharon decided to take a step back from a career in media. Ultimately, she has kept a low profile but hasn’t eradicated herself from the public eye. The former TV host reappeared on the shopping network with hosts Mary Beth Roe and David Venable. In her 40s, Sharon has collaborated with Oak Valley Farms on QVC a few times. As such, fans continue to await all the milestones she will set in the future.

Patti Reilly is Leading a Media Training and Consulting Business

While her decade-long career at QVC afforded her opportunities and success, the television personality decided to take a step in another direction before it was too late. After Patti decided to leave the show in 2011, it was speculated that Patti’s contract with the network wasn’t renewed. Yet, these rumors stand unconfirmed. Nevertheless, Patti managed to do everything she’d left the network to do. In 2013, she established her eponymous brand and coaching business. Since then, her organization has become a fast-growing, credible source for media training, brand strategy, and consulting.

Patti explored opportunities as an infomercial host for brands like My Pillow, Tristar Products, and Calista Tools Hot Fusion Rollers. In 2017, she decided to use her on-camera skills and disseminate educational and informational training to young candidates on the lookout. She has also helmed the role of Air Media and Training at Origami Owl and IT Cosmetics.

The television personality is also a published author and has penned works like, ‘Built for Connection’ and ‘The Ultimate Brand Strategy Guidebook.’ Not just this, Patti has been doing Live Streaming Host for more than a decade. On the personal front, she likes to remain tight-lipped and not divulge her personal information to the public.

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