Foundation Season 2 Episode 3 Recap: King and Commoner

The second season of Apple TV+’s sci-fi series ‘Foundation’ ignites the conflict for the war that was promised by Hari Seldon at the beginning of the story. It’s been about a decade-and-a-half since Seldon died and left the Foundation to develop a new regime that could challenge the Empire. Slowly, his prediction about the fall of the Galactic Empire is coming together, especially with its third episode, titled ‘King and Commoner,’ where several forces start to converge towards Foundation. Meanwhile, Hari, Gaal, and Salvor embark on the quest to create the Second Foundation, but they take a detour that significantly impacts the events to come. Here’s what the ending means. SPOILERS AHEAD

Foundation Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode, Hari, Gaal, and Salvor discover a planet called Ignis, which appears to be the optimal place to start the Second Foundation. They set course for Ignis but end up in Oona’s World when Hari makes the detour without telling them about it. When they are on the planet, he reveals that the Radiant asked him to be there. He has to meet someone there, but he doesn’t disclose whom. Once again, Gaal is frustrated with Hari for keeping secrets and doing whatever he wants without telling anyone about it. But she has no option but to accompany him to the said place.

On Terminus, a debate breaks out over Hober Mallow and why Hari Seldon from the Vault asked them to find the man. While the others question the order and wonder whether they need to find Mallow because he might be a threat to the Foundation, Poly Verisof is convinced that this is a part of Hari Seldon’s bigger plan. The only problem is that Mallow is a con man, which means they cannot trust him the way they could trust someone like Salvor Hardin. Verisof and Constant go to Korell to find Mallow and bring him to Foundation, but they discover that the timing is not in their favor.

At Trantor, Bel Riose is brought out of the Lepsis Penal Colony, where he was sent after he refused to follow orders. Demerzel brings him back, revealing that his husband, who he was told was dead, is actually alive. In a private audience with Day, Riose shows his dislike for him but agrees to go on the mission to Foundation because he sees it as a chance to return to his life and have the authority that could help him save lives.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 3 Ending: How Does Hari Have a Body? Is He Alive?

Hari, Gaal, and Salvor are brought to Oona’s World on the behest of the Radiant, which is known to adapt according to new information. Hari doesn’t seem to know why he has been brought here, except that it’s to see an old friend, who turns out to be Kalle, the scientist who died centuries ago. While Gaal tries to process this information, Hari joins Kalle in her cave and tells Gaal to leave if he is not back in six hours.

Six hours later, there is no communication from Hari, and after much thought, Gaal decides to leave him behind. She and Salvor are ready for takeoff, but they are attacked by the machines left behind on the planet three thousand years ago when the planet was destroyed and all its population was killed. Somehow, they escape the machines, but just as they are about to leave the planet, they discover a human presence on the ground. It is around the same place where Gaal left Hari, and she realizes it must be him.

Both Salvor and Gaal are shocked because Hari died years ago, and his body was destroyed. Only his consciousness persisted, and the one they talked to was a digital imprint of him. But they don’t have time to ponder how he got his body back because the machines are moving towards him, and they need to rescue him before the whole structure falls. Gaal and Salvor rescue Hari in the nick of time, but when he wakes up, he has no idea what happened to him and how he got his body back.

To transfer their consciousness to something and to have a living, breathing body after one died more than a century ago are completely different feats. It was understandable when Hari was in the Vault and the Radiant, but to have him back as he used to be something completely unheard of, even in the world of ‘Foundation.’ Gaal knows it has something to do with Kalle, who is another mystery to her. Kalle was supposed to have died long ago, but this one seems alive.

Could it be that Kalle went into cryosleep all those years ago and didn’t actually die? The manner of her death hasn’t been acknowledged yet. Everyone believes she died centuries ago, but could this all have been a ruse? Did she foresee the fall of the Empire and other events before Hari Seldon and preserved herself because she knew she’d be needed around that time? Even if she really is Kalle, how did she bring Hari’s body back?

The ending poses many questions regarding Hari, but considering the trajectories of other characters, the attention will shift towards Foundation as Bel Riose arrives there with his fleet. Around the same time, Poly Verisof and Constant will also be there with Hober Mallow, who rescued himself just in time to escape a death sentence in Korell. Being a con man with no interest in politics or the welfare of the Empire whatsoever, it won’t be easy to convince him that he is the one Hari Seldon chose to save Foundation. But with the Empire’s army at Foundation’s door, he might find himself thrust into the position of leadership, even if he doesn’t want it.

On the other hand, the arrival of Bel Riose might turn out to be a good thing. He is following orders only because he thinks he can use his position to save the general public. But when he sees an alternative to the Empire in Foundation, he might be moved to reconsider his stance and choose to rebel, making Day’s worst fears come true.

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