Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2 Ending, Explained: Who Killed Alberto Gambino?

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Directed by Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone, Netflix’s Italian series ‘Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery’ revolves around Valentino and Salvo, who get framed for the murder of Alberto Gambino. The best friends get abducted by the Holy Father AKA Padre Santissimo, the Mafia leader for whom Gambino worked as an accountant. The second season of the crime series follows Santissimo’s efforts to unravel the mystery behind the accountant’s death with the help of Valentino and Salvo. The engrossing climax of the installment offers answers to the questions the first season leaves behind with the viewers. If you are up for a magnified take on the same, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2 Recap

The second season of the series begins with Salvo and Valentino’s van hitting Padre Santissimo. While they try to help him, Tonino emerges with a gun and threatens to kill them. Salvo offers his grandfather’s house for Santissimo and Tonino to hide from the authorities. Agata starts to worry about Valentino since he is not reachable and Ester dreams of reuniting with Salvo. Upon coming to know about Valentino’s relationship with Agata, Santissimo asks him to spy on the commissioner to learn more about the murderer of Alberto Gambino. Meanwhile, Gambino’s killer returns to the victim’s apartment to garner the dead accountant’s bank tokens and kills two men who enter the apartment upon seeing the broken seal.

Image Credit: Dario Palermo/Netflix

Santissimo allows Valentino and Salvo to leave the latter’s house to learn about Gambino’s murderer only after abducting Valentino’s mother Antonietta. The Mafia leader tells them that he will hurt the old woman if they decide to go to the police station. Valentino meets Agata and her son Robertino. He is accompanied by Salvo, who fears that his friend will reveal their involvement with the Holy Father to the commissioner. When her partner’s behavior raises suspicion, Salvo distracts Agata by saying that he is having suicidal thoughts after breaking up with Ester. A Mexican crime lord arrives in Sicily and kills a few of Santissimo’s associates. He meets the Holy Father and demands the money the latter owes him.

While Santissimo tries to find a way to garner the money, Gambino’s killer calls the Holy Father and lets him know that he will provide the money if the Mafia leader gives him the dead accountant’s laptop. Santissimo’s trusted associate Primo Sale gets released from prison and rejoins his master. The Holy Father tells Sale that he will be able to garner all the money Gambino stored in his account if he finds a way to acquire the bank tokens. The Mafia leader plans to use a part of the money to repay the Mexican crime lord. Valentino ends up informing Agata about Santissimo’s location. She arrives at Salvo’s house with a squad but the Mafia leader escapes with his men and Antonietta.

Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2 Ending: Who Killed Alberto Gambino? Why?

Deputy Chief Lo Russo killed Alberto Gambino. When the police started their investigation into the Holy Father AKA Padre Santissimo, Gambino was on the radar of the authorities as the accountant of the mafia leader. Russo was committed to finding any piece of information concerning the account, hoping that the same would lead him to Santissimo. Since Gambino’s phones were bugged, Russo had an extensive amount of audio recordings to listen to and he discovered that the accountant had been stealing money from the Mafia leader. The admired and sincere police officer became as good as a criminal when he realized that he could extort money from the accountant.

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Russo then reached out to Gambino and started to demand money in return for his silence. He threatened Gambino that he would inform Santissimo that the accountant is stealing money from the Mafia leader. To avoid his gruesome death, Gambino started to pay Russo without knowing that the one who had been blackmailing him is a police officer. Although Russo tried his best to hide his identity from the accountant, the latter ended up seeing him once. That was when Agata got transferred to Sicily. She convinced Gambino to be a police informant and the latter started to work as one, hoping that the mafia leader would be captured before he would get hurt.

Russo started to fear that Agata would find out from Gambino that he was the one who extorted money from the accountant. The fear motivated him to kill Gambino. After learning everything about the accountant as part of his initial investigation, Russo knew that the former was having an affair with Ester. He took advantage of the same by calling Salvo to Gambino’s apartment on the day of the murder to repair a TV. Since Salvo had the motive to kill his wife’s lover, Russo believed that framing Ester’s husband and Valentino would keep him secure. He also believed that Prosecutor Nicolosi would drop Agata from the case since the two best friends were classmates of the commissioner.

Russo’s master plan doesn’t materialize because Salvo and Valentino decide to deal with Gambino’s murder on their own, without involving the cops. Due to the same reason, Agata remains the officer who investigates the murder, only for her to come across recordings of blackmailing Gambino had to deal with, which weren’t properly recorded in the case file. Since Russo was the officer who initially worked on the case, it doesn’t take long for her to conclude that he is Gambino’s killer. When she discovers the outline of Gambino’s apartment, with the secret cabin marked red, at the deputy chief’s place, she confirms that Russo is a murderer.

Do the Police Arrest the Holy Father/Padre Santissimo?

Yes, the police do arrest the Holy Father AKA Padre Santissimo. The Mafia leader has been on the wanted list of the Sicilian police for a considerable time. Several officers have tried to find and capture him, only to fail without an exception. When he kidnaps Agata, Prosecutor Nicolosi realizes that he cannot fail this time, especially with the life of a police commissioner hanging by the thread. After coming to know about the bank tokens from Russo, Nicolosi devises a plan. He uses satellite tags that look like tokens to strike a deal with Santissimo, offering the same in return for Agata.

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Meanwhile, Valentino and Salvo devise another plan. They let Nicolosi know about Santissimo’s personal doctor, who frequently visits the Mafia leader to look after his health. Valentino, Salvo, and Nicolosi follow the doctor to Santissimo, who runs away with Tonino. Salvo confronts them with a fake gun, only for the Mafia leader to try to shoot him down to escape. Tonino interferes and stops his master from killing Salvo. He has gotten tired of following Santissimo’s words without receiving any form of acknowledgment or satisfaction for the work he does and helps the authorities to capture the mafia leader.

Nicolosi succeeds in capturing Santissimo and remembers the efforts of his former partner Girolamo, who died fighting the Sicilian Mafia, which grew significantly under the leadership of the Holy Father. Since Primo Sale, who receives the satellite tags from the police thinking that those are bank tokens, betrays Santissimo and takes the same to the Mexican crime lord, the authorities also manage to arrest them.

Do Valentino and Agata End Up Together?

Yes, Valentino and Agata do end up together. Valentino and Agata’s relationship has been threatened by the former’s involvement in the Gambino case from the start. When Santissimo asks Valentino to spy on the commissioner, their relationship confronts a major obstacle. He immerses in guilt and eventually comes clean concerning the same to his partner but Agata stops trusting Valentino. As someone who had to endure a failed marriage with a man who always lied to her, Agata finds it hard to tolerate Valentino’s lies. But a conversation with her partner’s mother Antonietta changes her mind.

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After talking to Antonietta, Agata realizes that Valentino only lied to her to protect his mother from Santissimo’s viciousness. She must have realized how hard it would have been for her partner to encounter his mother at the end of a loaded gun, which leads him to lie to her. The commissioner may have found Valentino’s revelation about Santissimo, even when Antonietta was in the Mafia leader’s custody, admirable, which must have contributed to her decision to reunite with the latter. Since her son Robertino also approves of their relationship, Agata must be looking forward to building an appealing family with the former and Valentino.

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