Francesca Rubi From Below Deck: Everything We Know

When the former chief stewardess, Kate Chastain, informed the producers that she would not be returning for the eighth season of ‘Below Deck,’ they knew that her place had to be filled in by someone equally capable. Self-admittedly a perfectionist, Francesca Rubi, is all set to sail around the Caribbean and be posted up in Antigua for the upcoming season. We scoured the internet to find out who she is, and here is everything we could gather!

Francesca Rubi Nationality: Where is She From?

The newest member of ‘Below Deck’ cast hails from Sydney, the exotic capital of New South Wales, Australia. She was born and brought up in the same town but grew dreaming of touring every city in the world. Francesca has always aimed to live a life abound in adventures, and the show gives her just that. She has traveled to various exotic countries like New York, Dubai, Singapore, to name a few. Inspired by many cultures from around the globe, she feels that her expeditions have lent her an amazing perspective.

Francesca Rubi: Profession

Francesca is the Chief stewardess and the right-hand woman to Captain Lee Rosbach. She began her career as an event manager. Her passion for providing the best guest experience helped her transition from serving celebrity clients to a hostess in the yachting industry. An enthusiastic learner, Francesca has mastered the art of using ropes. She has been implementing the skill as a purser, deckhand, and stewardess for the past five years.

The Australian adventurer is also a keen filmmaker. In October 2019, she hosted the Adrift Film Festival, which is the sole festival for content creators in yachting. When she is not on a charter or traveling, Francesca is busy flying a helicopter. It is unclear whether she does it for the adrenaline rush or has achieved some certification for the same. But there are several posts on her social media accounts that tell the world that she has not only gone for a ride on a chopper but has also flown it.

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