Fried Green Tomatoes on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’ has a legacy of being a show that has literally played on the phrase, ‘show business.’ Through the mode of entertainment, it takes into consideration business prospects that can be successful if invested in properly. The show has not fallen less in demand in all of its 11 seasons. If anything, we might just see more of it. This is because there is no shortage of applicants for the show since its very beginning. The panelists, too, have become famous in their ‘Shark Tank’ journey.

Companies that have kicked off from ‘Shark Tank’ have had that vantage point. It is, in some ways, good publicity for your business even if you do not get one of the panelists to cut you a deal. In addition, the expert business personals provide apt and practical feedback for all their business entrepreneurs on the show. The experience is one of a kind as the viewers too are taken for a ride.

Fried Green Tomatoes: Who Are They?

‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ was launched by Holly Cooper in 2012. She is no newbie and has many years of experience in the food industry. This businesswoman has over 18 years of experience and was inspired to make a brand out of her batter-fried green tomatoes and a special sauce that had many asking her for its recipe. She has been in the food truck business for long and knows a good idea when she sees it.

Her regular business truck sells all kinds of southern comfort food like catfish, fried pickles, BLT sandwich, and the product that led to her fame, the fried green tomatoes along with her special sauce.

Fried Green Tomatoes: What Do They Do?

She still continues to do the food truck business while also wanting to set up this brand further and ensure that it reaches the national grocers. One look at her website, and people can see the road food culture she has already been able to attract. The three main products of her company are Fried Green Tomatoes batter mix, special sauce, and fried pickle batter. Her batter costs $9.99 per pack while her special sauce comes for $ 3.99. Cooper’s family supports her in her business. Though she is the star entrepreneur of her brand, she still prefers to call it a family business.

Her products already sell in select grocers and gift shops. She is trying to increase the product’s platform by extending her business further. The company’s website also offers information on the services provided by their food truck. Vendors who want to use her products can get in contact with her for more details. Cooper is ready to get going with her star products.

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