Hallmark’s From Friend to Fiance: All Filming Locations and Cast Details

Hold up! You may assume that the plot of ‘From Friend to Fiancé’ might be quite easy to decipher from its title. However, the Hallmark movie has a more varied conflict than the conventional friendzone-to-relationship premise. ‘From Friend to Fiancé’ is a part of Hallmark’s ‘Countdown to Summer’ slate of television films. These movies are ideal to pass the time when the glory of summer is right around the corner. They bring warmth even before the sunny weather promises to lighten up the melancholy.

Hallmark has been consistently comforting viewers with a continuous stream of optimistic TV movies that make one momentarily escape life’s dullness. It is considered to be the romance destination on television for good reason.

Over time, Hallmark has cemented its place at the very top when it comes to presenting classic rom-com stories that re-instill faith in the traditional idea of love. Living in a bubble? Not really. These movies might adopt an overly cheery tone, but that is where their magic lies. They unearth joy from the increasingly darkening tales that are presented on screen these days.

Moving on, ‘From Friends to Fiancé’ revolves around Jess Parks, a single, career-oriented woman with a fun job and tons of friends in the city. However, she soon finds out that her childhood best friend, Ted, is getting engaged.

Jess is shocked to know that the woman he is engaged to is Kimberly, her high-school nemesis and a certified mean gal. Ted wants Jess to plan his wedding, not knowing that she would have a problem with him marrying Kimberly. Moreover, Ted seems to be extremely proud to be getting hitched to Kimberly since he was bullied in school. However, in the present, with his bulked-up body and a successful career, Kimberly is a matter of pride for him.  Now, with such an interesting story plot, it’s hard not to wonder about all the locations where the romantic film was shot. Let’s find out.

From Friend to Fiance: Where Was it Filmed?

Many of you might be wondering where ‘From Friend to Fiancé’ is filmed. It is set in a small town, like a lot of Hallmark movies. While the setting may not play that much of a role for this particular story, it would still be interesting to know where the pretty backdrops seen in the film are actually located.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

‘From Friend to Fiancé’ has been filmed in Canada. The country has had a special tryst with Hallmark since several productions by the network have been filmed in Canada. The reason is purely economic since Canada provides lucrative tax credits for projects filming in the country.

To be more specific, ‘From Friend to Fiancé’ has been filmed in Toronto, Ontario. The following post by Kelly Kruger confirms the fact:

She reveals how the paintball scene was especially fun to film apart from the fact that the three leading actors went for a picnic and to soul cycles classes together. Reserve your awws for the movie!

From Friend to Fiancé Cast

The character of the leading lady, Jess is portrayed by Jocelyn Hudon. She is a Canadian actress who has been a frequent sight on Hallmark. An interesting fact about her is that she started performing ballet on stage at the age of three! Moreover, she is also a certified scuba diver. She has appeared in Hallmark’s television series, ‘When Calls the Heart’ apart from ‘Love Locks.’

On the other hand, Ryan Paevey plays Ted in ‘From Friend to Fiancé.’ He is best known for playing Nathan West on the soap opera ‘General Hospital.’ Paevey has also been a frequent face on Hallmark. He has acted in Hallmark made-for-television films like ‘Christmas at the Plaza,’ ‘A Summer Romance’ and ‘Marrying Mr. Darcy.’

Apart from Hudon and Paevey, Kelly Kruger is also a part of the movie’s cast and plays the character of Kimberly. Other than that, Derek McGrath, Valerie Boyle, Krista Jang and Jennifer Vallance are also members of the film’s cast.