Frozen Farmer on Shark Tank: Everything We Know

‘Shark Tank’ has been entertaining us and promoting several business entrepreneurs for over a decade now. The committed panelists have become the backbone of the show, never failing to deliver. They have both made and broken the hearts of many aspiring participants on the show, but that is how they have managed to keep it quite the journey for their viewers. Even though the show has received its fair share of criticism for the drama, it exudes while criticizing a participant, the take away at the end of the show topples such comments. 

Frozen Farmer: Who Are They?

Katey Jo Evans is a former Delaware Beauty Queen, who was quite taken aback when she saw the surplus of produce that was going to waste in her family farm. The bruised or overripe fruits were often left out as they would not sell. To cut down the loss of both the product and profit loss, she came up with an idea to make a business out of it. This would eventually materialize into her company, Frozen Farmer. It delivers frozen treats that have a low calorific value and are naturally sweet. 

Katey came to ‘Shark Tank’ looking for a shark to invest $ 125,000 for a 20% equity in her company. Her products were both a local success and a part of 70 grocery chains. However, any true businesswoman knows that is not enough. Her main aim is to expand her business, making sure that her products are available in grocery chains across the nation. Her drive struck a chord with Lori Greiner. Suggesting changes in both packaging and marketing, she agreed to offer $ 125, 000 for 30% equity.

Frozen Farmer: What Do They Do?

Frozen Farmer uses the local produce from Evans’ farm to make varieties of ice-cream, sorbet, and a unique mixture of the two, which they call ‘nice-cream.’ The company offers an extensive list of flavors that include banana berry, peach blossom, butter pecan, etc. You can check out its website for more information.

They also have a seasonal menu that consists of eggnog, apple strudel, peppermint candy, pumpkin pie, and gingerbread. They also sell fresh farm juices and waffle cones.

Frozen Farmer also offers a gluten-free variety of their products. Customers can let the company know about their allergies, after which the company promises to take extra care to make sure that the products are customized to that end. The company website offers the option of buying its products directly or helps people identify a store where they sell their products. The company also markets its products on both Instagram and Facebook. And just recently, Frozen Farmer announced that they are now shipping their products across the nation. Hence, it seems like Evans’s business is ready to reach new heights. 

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