Full Circle Episode 3 and 4 Recap: Botched Kidnapping Leads to Chaos

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Max’s ‘Full Circle’ is a crime drama that follows a botched kidnapping and the resulting investigation that unravels the secrets of all the people involved. The first two episodes set the stage for the conflict, where a Guyanese crime boss orders the kidnapping and murder of the grandson of a celebrity chef. However, the kidnappers get their hands on the wrong boy, not knowing that things are already out of their hands when they make the ransom. The third and fourth episodes focus on everyone figuring out some part of the picture that is still not in full view. Here’s what the events of these episodes spell for the characters and their future.

Full Circle Episode 3 and 4 Recap

Image Credit: Sarah Shatz / Max

Inspector Melody Harmony thought she was sidelined and would be deprived of the opportunity to go after the Guyanese mob again. The next day, however, she finds herself becoming part of a joint task force that includes the NYPD and the FBI. The cops are trying to solve the botched kidnapping, while the Feds believe that this could be a new lead to help them with a cold case from more than a decade ago.

As soon as Harmony meets the Browne family, she instantly knows they are all keeping secrets from each other and the cops. She figures out the connection between Derek and Nicky, which is later confirmed when Nicky’s mother, Charisse, reports him missing. It turns out that Derek and Charisse had a brief fling sixteen years ago, and since then, he has been secretly paying Charisse to take care of Nicky.

Meanwhile, Natalia and Louis wonder what to do with Nicky, who they think is Jared. Everyone notices their absence, and now the gang believes they are traitors. Aked realizes the dead body buried in the woods wasn’t Jared’s. It was a mannequin that Louis replaced. He doesn’t know why Louis did that, but he is sure Natalia was involved. When she vanishes without a trace and is nowhere to be found, Aked decides to track her down and make her pay for duping him.

Full Circle Episode 4 Ending: What Did Gene McCusker Do?

Image Credit: Sarah Shatz / Max

Mysteries appear and resolve in ‘Full Circle’ at a breakneck speed as one revelation after another creates a complicated situation between the characters. In the first two episodes, the lines were clearer. One could tell who was on whose side and what everyone was looking for. The third and fourth episodes make things all the more convoluted as new connections surface, making it difficult to decipher where a character’s loyalties lie.

While Derek’s secret is shocking to Sam, she isn’t exactly surprised. Harmony made that connection on her visit to the Brownes, and Sam had her suspicions considering how concerned Derek seemed for the boy he didn’t know. However, that is not the most interesting secret revealed in these episodes. It turns out that all those years ago, Sam, her father, and her uncle were caught up in something that ruined her uncle’s career and brought her in touch with Manny Broward, Harmony’s boss.

While no one is ready to talk about what happened, Harmony pieces together some things that might cause a lot of trouble for her boss and Sam. She gets the first hint that something’s up when she notices that Sam is rattled by the mention of Guyana. When she questions Sam about it, she doesn’t get any answers. But soon after, she receives a call from her boss, asking her to leave the case alone. This tells her that Manny and Sam know each other, and whatever happened all those years ago, Manny had a huge role to play in it. She zeroes it down to Gene McCusker, Jeff’s brother, and decides to confront him with the truth, hoping to find something against Manny. Unbeknownst to her, Manny submits her psych evaluation which he had kept a secret as it could have ruined her career.

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A meeting with Gene confirms a lot of things for Harmony. By now, she knew the case had something to do with the condos in Guyana near a river area. Something illegal had been going on there, and somehow Jeff and Sam got involved in it. Gene was an NYPD officer and was paid to look the other way. The bribes he took at this time came back to haunt him when Jeff gave him up to save himself and his daughter. At this point, Manny was also in NYPD, and he helped Sam to save herself and let her uncle take the fall. Still, the case against Gene never went to trial. He paid for it another way.

With his reputation in the dust and the danger of jail time lurking over him, Gene decided to take an early retirement. He shot himself in the foot, which allowed him to take disability, getting punished according to the rules of inner politics. He was forced to leave his job and live in the shadows, while his brother, who’d been struggling with money before this, suddenly saw a huge turnaround in his life when he became Chef Jeff.

Harmony has yet to figure out what role Manny played in all this, but she discovers that Gene still has proof, which could implicate Manny, Jeff, and Sam. He has kept it but never used it because he doesn’t want to stir trouble for his brother anymore. However, sooner or later, the proof will come out. Meanwhile, Save Mahabir discovers that the curse has not been lifted because the boy was never killed. She and her men still don’t know that the kidnapping was botched and that they took Nicky instead of Jared. However, they know that someone replaced the boy with a dummy, which means they have a traitor in their midst.

Image Credit: Sarah Shatz / Max

Natalia and Louis are the obvious suspects because they mysteriously disappeared the next day. They figure out Nicky’s true identity, and for a while, it seems like they have no way out, as everyone seems to be hell-bent on giving them up the gang. However, Louis figures that if Nicky’s father was ready to give the money the first time, he should do so the second time. At the same time, Mr. Chung makes an offer to Mrs. Mahabir.

Natalia had come to him, seeking help in leaving the country. However, Chung is ready to give her up with half of the money he took before killing Quincy. This is an olive branch from his side; wanting to turn things normal between them. However, too many factors are at play at the moment, and it seems unlikely that any truce would be possible.

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