Full Circle Finale Recap: Loyalty Over Gang Ties

Max’s ‘Full Circle’ is a crime drama that begins with a botched kidnapping. The investigation pulls out the threads that reveal that all the participants in the crime are connected to each other through the events that happened many years ago. In the final episode, all the pieces collide as everyone tries to fight for their survival. Some make it to the end, but others suffer a darker fate. No matter what secrets were being hidden, they all come out, and everyone has to pay a price for their actions. Here we look at the events of the fifth and sixth episodes and what that ending means for the protagonists. SPOILERS AHEAD

Full Circle Episode 5 and 6 Recap

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Inspector Melody Harmony discovers that Xavier has removed his anklet. At first, she thinks it’s him trying to escape, but then she discovers that his gang has found him. This is a cause for concern because this could lead to her informant’s death. However, she cannot do anything about it because she is suspended. In her absence, Manny Broward becomes the point person in the raid conducted by the USPIS, FBI, and NYPD joint task force.

The raid throws the entire gang in disarray. While Savi Mahabir is arrested, Garmen succeeds in fleeing. Natalia and Louis try to trade Nicky’s freedom for money from his father but are confronted by Aked, who’d been following them since the kidnapping. Aked is angry with Natalia for betraying him, but the circumstances are not in his favor, and he dies with his own gun. Meanwhile, Jeff makes peace with his brother, Gene, who believes Jeff ratted him out to the cops all those years ago. However, it turns out that Sam was the one who did it. Now, she is the only one who can make it right.

Full Circle Finale Ending: What Happens to Sam? Will She Go to Prison?

The idea of kidnapping Jared Browne originates from Clarence, who holds a grudge against Sam and her father, Jeff, for what happened to his son. Years ago, Jeff invested in a condo project called Essequibo in Guyana. The land on which it was to be built belonged to locals who were driven out of their land by the company. Most of them were paid, but others, like Clarence, didn’t want to give up their land. The company then employed Savi Mahabir’s gang to persuade Clarence to give his land. When he didn’t comply, they killed his son.

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The investment for the project was funded by bribes, which included Sam’s corrupt uncle, Gene. When Jeff and Sam’s name was thrown into the mix, she was helped by Manny Broward to implicate Gene. In return for this, she and Jeff walked free. Sam didn’t know about Clarence or anything else that the Guyanese gang did back then, which is why she is shocked to discover the connection and how it led to her son’s arrest.

Ultimately, Harmony convinces Sam to do right by everyone and go to the FBI. While all the reports, including bank statements and addresses, were destroyed, Gene kept a copy. Sam asks him for the copy and resolves to go to the authorities. In the final scene, she asks Harmony how much prison time she might receive for the crime she committed back then. Harmony gives her a realistic timeline. It could be years, or it could be something more lenient, like a few months. She could also walk free, depending on what the FBI received in return.

Sam’s fate is not confirmed, but we know that whatever happens to her, she is ready to bring her story full circle and resolve the issues that have haunted her since then. As Harmony said, her sentence might not be that severe, and while Sam would prefer that, she is also ready to face whatever comes her way. Considering that the evidence will help the FBI convict Mahabir and her gang, it’ll be a huge win, which might make the agency give Sam the deal she wants. There is a good chance she might walk away a free woman once the whole thing is done.

What Happens to Inspector Harmony?

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While Sam is ready to face the consequences of her actions, Inspector Harmony also has to confront her reality. Manny Broward had been threatening her with the psych eval that questioned her competence, and he submitted that report when he saw she was going to expose Sam and him. This was enough to get Harmony kicked out of the task force, but that wasn’t it. Apart from the psych eval, Harmony’s girlfriend filed a report against her when she showed up at her apartment, even when asked not to. This worsened when Harmony’s superiors discovered that the girlfriend was a witness in a previous case.

It was against the code of conduct, putting Harmony on suspension pending investigation. Due to this, Harmony isn’t there for the raid, but this doesn’t stop her from getting to the bottom of the truth. She finds Clarence and figures out why Savi Mahabir wanted to kidnap Jared Browne and how it’s connected to Sam. Eventually, she convinces Sam to do the right thing and go to the FBI. As for herself, she can do nothing but wait for the investigation, which will decide her fate in law enforcement.

What Happens to Savi Mahabir and Her Gang?

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Savi Mahabir wanted to kidnap and kill Jared Browne to bring things full circle and end the curse on her family. The curse continues because the ceremony is never completed, and her entire gang pays the price. The task force raids her house during a party after they get in touch with the man in the casino. The FBI hoped to find evidence, like bank statements and other things, to help them convict Mahabir and her men. However, it results in nothing.

Later, however, Sam Browne decides to come forward with the evidence. It’s from about two decades ago, but the reports she has contain everything the FBI needs to send Mahabir and her gang to prison. Because Sam was involved in the crime back then, her testimony would prove highly beneficial to the prosecution. She might receive her freedom in return for this, which means that she has something huge, something the FBI wants so much that they are ready to let Sam walk free. This doesn’t bode well for Savi and her gang, who might have to be in prison for a long time.

What Happens to Xavier, Louis, and Natalia?

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Xavier, Louis, and Natalia got involved in the kidnapping unwillingly. They never wanted to be associated with the gang, so when they figured out they might have to do bad things, they decided to take a different route, which changed everything. Louis and Natalia try to get out of the States and back to Guyana, but they need money. When the thing with Nicky doesn’t pan out, they steal the painting from the Browne house. Xavier, prompted by Garmen, tells them to meet him with the painting at a rendezvous point.

Xavier discovered earlier that Garmen also wanted to leave the gang and go back to Guyana. When the raid happens, he escapes the cops and goes back home. He sends his family to a spot where they have a private plane that will take them to safety. Everything happens according to the plan, and he and Xavier reach the rendezvous point. However, things change when Garmen tells Xavier to kill Louis and Natalia. They brought the painting, which will get him a lot of money, but Louis and Natalia are loose ends he doesn’t want to leave behind. He can’t trust them, either. For Xavier, however, it is not so easy to kill his friends. Instead, he kills Garmen and helps Louis and Natalia get on the plane with Garmen’s family.

Louis and Natalia end up back in Guyana. In the last scene, we find them taking refuge in the Essequibo colony, which started this whole thing twenty years ago. It is a full-circle moment for the characters and the story. As for Xavier, he stays behind. He knew that his boarding the plane would come off as suspicious to Garmen’s family. So, he sends his friends back home and stays in America. With Savi Mahabir and the gang gone, he has a chance for a fresh start. No one in law enforcement, except Harmony, knows about him. He was new to the gang, so no one would look for him. This gives Xavier the clean slate he always wanted, and he can live the life he dreamed of when he left Guyana.

What Happens to Nicky?

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The conflict in ‘Full Circle’ starts with the botched kidnapping of Jared Browne. Instead of him, Nicky is kidnapped. It later turns out that Nicky is Jared’s half-brother. He is Derek Browne’s son, born to Charisse, with whom Derek had a brief fling about sixteen years ago. Nicky never met his father, but he was obsessed with the idea. He left home and started stealing from Jared, which made him feel that he was getting the same things as his half-brother did from their father.

Nicky would have died, but Louis and Natalia intervened and saved him, believing he was Jared. Even when they figured out who he really was, they thought he was still valuable enough to get money out of this father. They try to do this when they show up at Derek’s room in a hotel and try to negotiate a deal. They are interrupted by Aked, who pulls out a gun and dies after a scuffle with Louis leads him to get hit with a bullet.

Derek asks Louis and Natalia to run away and creates a story about Aked coming after Nicky. This ensures the boy’s safety. It also brings the father and son face to face for the first time. Having kept Nicky a secret all this time, Derek decides to be with him. He is glad to receive support from Sam, who has finally come around to forgive him. In the end, Derek is seen with Nicky and Charisse, where the boy had been living since he ran from home. It looks like Derek and Nicky are on good terms and can finally have a relationship, which Nicky has always wanted.

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