Furies (2024) Ending, Explained: Who Killed the Olympus?

Netflix’s action-thriller series, ‘Furies,’ takes the audience on an adrenaline-fuelled ride with well-choreographed action sequences that complement the twisted story that offers a new bombshell at every turn. In the middle of all of this is a girl whose life is changed in a single moment and leads her down a path that she never wished to follow. However, her search for truth asks her to be more open than that, and by the end, so much has changed for her that she can’t recognize her past life anymore. What happens to her, and what does the future spell for her? SPOILERS AHEAD

Furies Plot Synopsis

A young Lyna comes home to celebrate her birthday with her parents, but it turns into a bloodbath when her father is shot dead, and her mother is hospitalized, never fully recovering again. The cops tell Lyna that the killing was carried out by the Fury, but because no one knows who the Fury is, they cannot do anything about it. Instead, they zero in on Lyna and consider her a suspect in the whole thing. They send her to prison, where she spends the next few months of her life training herself mentally and physically to find and kill the Fury.

When Lyna comes out of prison, she has a way to find the Fury, but when she finally crosses paths with her, she discovers that there is much more to the story than previously imagined. What makes it even more interesting is that it has to do with Lyna and the truth about her parents. It is only when she knows her past she can find the answers to her future.

Furies Ending: Why Does Selma Kill Driss?

The events in ‘Furies’ may have started with the murder of Lyna’s father, but the events were put in motion long before that, prompted by the actions of Selma and Driss, Lyna’s real father. Years ago, Driss had challenged the authority of the Olympus and tried to dismantle them and build an empire of his own. However, he had to be stopped, and the responsibility fell on the Fury, Selma. While she could kill anyone else in the world, she couldn’t kill her own brother. So, instead of putting a bullet in him, she held him captive, far away from Olympus.

It takes years, but Driss finally gets what he wants. He not only causes a war between the Godfathers of Olympus, but he also goes to their dragon’s lair, getting his hands on their money and gold, as well as all their secrets. He wants to use their technology to find his wife, Kahina, who betrayed him years ago, but before he can do that, Lyna and Selma come after him. After a lot of bloodshed and mind games, the train of the Olympus is stopped, and Lyna runs after her father, trying to stop him. She shoots him while he is running away and, unbeknownstly, shoots him fatally.

Later, Selma finds Driss sitting on a park bench, where he used to go when he was a kid. This time, Selma knows she will have to do something permanent about her brother. While she considers killing him or letting him go (with the latter being a very slim possibility), he reveals that her decision doesn’t matter because he is already dying. He has been shot in the gut and has already lost a lot of blood. However, he doesn’t want to die at the hands of his daughter. Moreover, he doesn’t want Lyna to live with the fact that she killed her own father. To save her from that torture, Driss asks Selma to kill him, and she obliges, ending their feud of all these years and saving Olympus.

Does Lyna Find Her Mother?

Years ago, if someone asked why Driss was after the Olympus, they would have attributed it to his ambition, and it would have been true. Now, however, it isn’t just about being the most powerful man in the criminal world of Paris. It is also about finding his wife, who ran years ago after it was revealed that she had betrayed him.

When Driss met Kahina, he had no idea she was an undercover cop. It was her job to infiltrate the Olympus and help bring down the crime syndicate. However, she ended up falling in love with Driss, and together, they had a daughter, Lyna. But then, the truth about Kahina’s family, which had generations of people serving in the police force, came to light. It was a scandal because Kahina hadn’t just fooled Driss but also his sister, Selma, the Fury, who was supposed to keep an eye out for such threats.

Kahina’s revelation made Olympus question Selma’s professionalism and her ability to serve as the Fury. To show them she was up for the task, she tracked down Kahina’s family and killed them all. However, she pinned it on Driss later. Meanwhile, Kahina was already in the wind. No one knew where she went or if she was even alive anymore. Driss never forgot his wife’s betrayal, and he knew that the only way he could find her was by having access to the tech that would allow him to search for any person and get info about them. Only the Olympus had access to this tech, which is why he attacked their train.

In the end, Driss is killed, and he dies without seeing his wife again. However, now Lyna has a way to find her mother, and she makes it clear that she is going to look for her. Selma reminds her that she won’t be able to do it on her own, but with the resources of the Olympus and the Fury, the task will become much easier for her. She assures Lyna that she will help her find Kahina, but considering how much Selma has already lied to Lyna, especially about her parents, one can’t help but wonder how much truth there is in Selma’s words. Whatever the case may be with Selma’s intentions, it is clear that Lyna will not stop until she finds her mother. And sooner or later, she will have the entire truth.

Who is Damocles?

While Selma and Lyna are busy trying to stop Driss, another huge trouble arises for Olympus. When the Furies return with their report of the whole thing, they discover that every single one of the Godfathers has been killed. They are all dead, which is quite shocking because it means that there is someone else in the game now. If Driss is gone, who could it be?

Rewinding a bit, we come to the point where the Olympus had lost all hope in the Furies and decided to get outside help to deal with Driss. They call in the services of Damocles, who runs an international organization of highly skilled assassins who are called in to do important work, like assassinating important people. They are not to be meddled with because they never accept payment in cash. Rather, they come back whenever they want and ask for whatever they want, and the person who hired them has to give it, no questions asked.

When Selma discovered that the Olympus had hired Damocles, she wondered how desperate they might have had to be to do that to themselves. In the end, her fears are proven correct when she finds the entire group of them killed by Damocles. It’s clear that when Olympus called them for help, Damocles saw it as a sign of weakness, and instead of helping the Godfathers, Damocles made their own move, killing them all and seizing their power. The true extent of their power and influence is yet to be seen, but from all we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that their arrival doesn’t bode well for anyone.

Do Lyna amd Selma Die?

When it came to light that Selma had not killed Driss all those years ago, it looked like the Olympus were going to kill her for it. After she had dealt with Driss, she went back to them to prove that she was still useful to them. It was her trying to ensure she wasn’t killed, but then, it turns out that they are all dead, and she has someone else to fear now: Damocles.

In the final scene, Damocles questions Lyna and Selma and asks them to answer very carefully. He asks, who do you work for: an important question because it could change the course of their lives. In the first episode, when Selma asks Lyna this question, the latter replies that she works for the Fury because that is the only plausible way to answer. If she hadn’t said it, she would have been killed.

Lyna finds herself in a similar situation again, and it’s clear what she will answer. She wants to survive, and for that, she will have to align herself with Damocles, especially seeing that she is heavily outnumbered and going against them means certain death. The same goes for Selma as well, whose only purpose for that evening was to convince her employers to let her live. The situation is still the same, only the employers have changed. Previously, they were the Olympus; now, it’s Damocles. Considering all this, we can say that Lyna and Selma will survive this change and will have to start working for Damocles, even if it is to dismantle it from the inside and destroy it for good.

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