Gabby Prescod: Summer House Star is Thriving As a Single Woman

Gabby Prescod returned to the Hamptons summer escapades in season 8 of Bravo’s ‘Summer House‘ after making her debut as a newbie in season 7. Premiered on February 22, 2024, the eighth season of the reality series continues to capture the dynamics of a group of friends sharing a summer house in Southampton, New York. Beyond the reel screen, her off-camera personality promises to add depth to the drama, making her a compelling and intriguing character in the unfolding portrayal of friendship, romance, and summer adventures.

Gabby Prescod Grew Up in Westchester, New York

Gabby Prescod was brought into this world by Bruce and Yvonne Prescod on May 8, 1990, in Manhattan, New York. She hails from a family deeply rooted in community engagement. Her father holds the position of CEO at the Foundation of Life, while her mother has served as the Director of Administration for the Council for Unity. Growing up in Westchester, New York, she attended an all-girls high school and later pursued her passion for fashion design at Trinity College in Hartford, graduating in 2012. Within her close-knit family, she shares a special bond with her sister, Danielle Prescod, a notable fashion editor and author of the bestselling book, ‘Token Black Girl.’

Together, Danielle and Gabby maintain a joint Instagram account, the Prescod Sisters, offering glimpses into their daily lives and adventures. Gabby’s love for tennis stands out as a unique facet of her personality, adding a sporty dimension to her multifaceted interests. Beyond her athletic pursuits, she also harnesses the power of social media to advocate for social justice causes. Despite facing personal challenges, such as a past heartbreak, she found solace and support in her family, showcasing resilience and the strength drawn from those closest to her.

Gabby’s social media feed serves as a vibrant canvas, reflecting her love for dressing up with a kaleidoscope of colors and showcasing her unique fashion sense. Education and advocacy intertwine in her life as she leverages her platform to encourage civic engagement. She actively promotes exercising the right to vote and raises awareness about democracy. Her commitment to these causes reinforces her belief in the power of social media to effect positive change.

Gabby Prescod Started Her Career as a Fashion Intern in 2010

Gabby Prescod, the vivacious fashion editor and reality star, has cultivated a career as vibrant and dynamic as her personality. Launching her fashion journey as an intern under the guidance of Marie-Amelie Sauvé in 2011, she quickly made her mark in the industry. Her tenure as the Fashion Director at Blanc Magazine stands as a testament to her expertise and influence. Before gracing the screens of ‘Summer House,’ she garnered valuable experience as a Style Lead & Senior Fashion Market Editor at BDG, where her fashion acumen flourished for over three years until 2021.

Prior to that, Gabby served as a Market Editor at Interview Magazine for over two years, showcasing her versatility and eye for trends from 2014 to 2017. A stint at CR Fashion Book as a Fashion and Beauty Assistant in 2014 laid the foundation for her multifaceted career. With an impressive portfolio, Gabby has attended prestigious events like the Fifteen Percent Pledge Gala, NYBG Orchid Dinner, and iconic venues like the Met, Guggenheim, and Lincoln Center. Her presence at these high-profile gatherings reflects her standing in the fashion industry and her ability to navigate the elite circles of New York’s social scene.

Beyond her editorial prowess, Gabby is no stranger to the spotlight. She has made appearances on talk shows such as ‘BravoCon Live with Andy Cohen’ and ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ in 2023, both on its podcast series and TV broadcasts. As a model, she has seamlessly transitioned from behind the scenes to the forefront of the fashion world, embodying the very trends she helps define. Not content with just one platform, Gabby co-hosts a podcast, ‘The Prescod Sisters,’ with her older sister Danielle. This venture offers listeners a glimpse into the dynamic and close-knit bond they share, transcending the realms of family and professional collaboration.

Gabby Prescod is Not Seeking a Husband or Boyfriend Right Now

In a candid interview with ET Online, Gabby Prescod revealed her perspective on relationships, expressing that she is not actively seeking a boyfriend or husband. In the realm of romance, her assertiveness shines through as she states her current single status. The fashionista values her independence and is candid about her experiences. On the show, she shared a vulnerable moment, mentioning that her ex, Brannan Goetschius, cheated on her with co-star Danielle Olivera. Despite the past, she emphasized that all parties have moved forward amicably.

Gabby’s portrayal on the show has sparked conversations, with some co-stars branding her as “surface-level.” In response, she defended her superficial stories, explaining that they serve as a window into her navigation of relationships and situations. Her stories, such as attending an all-girls school, are not about privilege but a reflection of her experiences shaping female relationships throughout her life. Her openness about her past, coupled with her self-assured stance on relationships, showcases a woman unapologetically embracing her journey.

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