Gael Cameron: Below Deck Med Star is an Avid Traveler

Since its inception, Bravo’s ‘Below Deck Med’ has featured various interesting individuals who work together aboard a yacht and host a bunch of guests. In the ninth season, a group of new deckhands boarded the Mustique and spent several weeks together in the open waters of Greece. As they mix their professional and personal lives, drama ensues between the individuals, making an entertaining watch for the viewers. Gael Cameron is one of the new deckhands whose personality has garnered the attention of many fans of the show.

Gael Cameron Was Passionate About the Ocean Since Childhood

Hailing from the city of Sydney, Australia, Gael Cameron had an unwavering passion for the ocean and its depth from her early days. Despite having spent most her life in the Land Down Under, this free-spirited woman has roots in different countries — her mother is Indonesian, while her father hails from Scotland. Growing up in a seemingly well-knit household in the company of her siblings, Glen and Tiarani, the adventurous and free-spirited woman went to Saint Patrick’s Marist College and the University of Technology Sydney and graduated with her degrees with flying colors. She celebrates her birthday on May 14 every year in the presence of her loved ones.

Gael Cameron Has Dipped Her Toes in Many Professional Avenues

Gael Cameron’s professional career began as a freelance Stewardess/Bartender in December 2017. After gaining some experience, she bagged a full-time job at Bigshot Drinks Pty Ltd as a Sales Representative in March 2018. On the side, she worked part-time at Asset Group Solutions as a Concierge for a few months, from October 2019 to February 2020. A few months after leaving Bigshot, she was employed as a Customer Support Agent at Greenstone Financial Services before switching to M House Charters, where she worked in the capacity of Chief Stewardess. She got another part-time job, this time as a Restaurant Hostess at Lilymu.

Since June 2022, Gael has been serving as a Chief Stewardess at MV Hillsy. Given her three long years of experience in the yachting industry, the seasoned chef was chosen to feature in ‘Below Deck Mediterranean.’ When Bravo asked her to talk about the craziest charter story in her career, she revealed, “I have had an entire group get dropped off a day charter only to find they left someone behind with their head in the toilet.” Apart from serving mouth-watering dishes, she also has had a career in the modeling industry. Since 2019, she has been under contract as a Fashion Model with Elite Model Management as well as Royalle Modelling.

In December 2019, she also got the opportunity to host the prestigious AACTA Awards 2019, representing Royalle Modelling. On the side, she has also modeled for several clothing brands, such as Nexletica, After Noon, and Koze. At present, she is a PADI Dive Master who acknowledges the sacrifices that she has made and continues to make in her profession. “We’re away from our friends and family for years at a time sometimes, and maintaining healthy long-distance relationships can be very challenging.”

Gael Cameron Prefers to Keep Matters of Her Heart Private

Throughout the ninth season, the romantic tension between Gael and another deckhand, Nathan Gallagher, was quite evident. However, right when they were about to kiss, Gael pulled back and apologized. On the show, we learned she was in a long-distance relationship earlier, and her partner had asked her to marry him. However, it looks like things didn’t between the two. From the looks of it, Gael seems to be single as of writing. She uses her free time to stay connected to the ocean by free diving and scuba diving. Besides that, trying different kinds of cuisines and binging on ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise are a couple of her other interests.

To showcase her love for them, Gael doesn’t hesitate to post many videos of her indulging in scuba diving in different parts of the world, giving her followers footage of pristine waters and the aquatic life underwater. For a long time, her biggest fear of taking a dive into the ocean was the thought of encountering sharks. But soon, that changed and she instilled a new perspective, about which she wrote on social media, “We are most afraid of the unfamiliar. Once I learned that they are not all the aggressive, man hunting predators the media portrays I fell in love with them. These days you’ll find me chasing them down for quick hi.”

Also having an affinity for traveling, Gael ensures that she explores various extraordinary places across the globe, preferably with open water. For instance, she has traveled to exotic locations, such as Cairo, Bali, Malta, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Italy, France, Egypt, Maldives, and many more. Out of all the places she has visited, Thailand is reportedly her favorite. “The water is beautiful, the food kills and the atmosphere is buzzer,” she said. At present, she reportedly stays in Gili Trawangan Lombok.

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