Where is Gage Edward From Flipping Out Now?

The reality television show ‘Flipping Out’ follows the life of interior designer and house flipper Jeff Lewis and his team, consisting of his boyfriend and business manager, Gage Edward, house manager Zoila Chavez, and executive assistant Jenni Pulos. Gage joined the ‘Flipping Out’ team in 2011, two years after the couple started dating.

Throughout the series that ended in 2018, Gage looked into the handlings of Jeff’s flip projects as the latter remodeled the homes and then re-sold them for a large profit. As Jeff further ventured into his consultation business for home decoration, Gage helped see things through. While it has been several years since the show ended, fans have been left wondering about the whereabouts of their favorite business manager and designer, Gage Edward.

Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis Shared a Strong Bond on the Show

Gage was first seen on the show in 2011 when he joined as his boyfriend Jeff’s business partner. Sometime after, Jeff and Gage decided to embrace parenthood. They became proud fathers to Monroe Christine Lewis, an adorable baby girl, via surrogacy. Gage was a hands-on father right from the word go. He handled both his work as well as the couple’s daughter in equal measures. But, amidst the transition of having a baby in the house, things began to turn ugly for them. He and his ex-boyfriend were also slapped with a lawsuit by their surrogate in 2018, which was eventually dropped in 2019, but the cracks had already formed by then.

The much-in-love couple, who had been together for close to a decade, soon began to show cracks. While several of their differences and arguments played out on ‘Flipping Out’ by the time Monroe turned two, their volatile relationship saw Gage living in a separate room in the same house before ultimately moving out. Eventually, despite trying to work things out for the sake of their daughter, Gage and Jeff separated intending to co-parent their daughter. Gage and Jeff’s decision to co-parent Monroe was shortlived as they soon found themselves embroiled in a bitter custody battle. The murky fight would pan out over a span of 26 months before the former couple would eventually settle on a negotiation.

Gage Edward is a Doting Father and Has Found Love Again

After breaking up with Jeff Lewis in 2019, it took Gage, a Nebraska native currently residing in Los Angeles, California, some time to bring his life back on track. As Gage’s former boyfriend was also his former client, a lot was being said about him, over which he didn’t have any control. It wasn’t until 2020 that he decided to take charge of his life. The nasty custody battle that the two found themselves in went on for quite some time. Gage wished to challenge Jeff for the custody of their daughter and change her name so the little one could have the same last name.

Along with the child custody lawsuit, they were also dealing with a civil lawsuit that Gage had sent to Jeff, claiming over a hundred grand that the latter owed him, spousal support, and more. While things continued to get messy, Gage remained optimistic about their daughter having a normal life, addressing fans during an Instagram live where he mentioned, “I choose to now focus on positive things, even in this crazy world that we’re all in.”

While their public battles were quite open and messy, it was their daughter Monroe who bore the brunt, leading the former couple to eventually settle everything in May 2021, two years and two months after it had started. The former couple, who decided to split custody for their daughter’s sake, now maintain cordial terms for her and even celebrated the little one’s kindergarten graduation together. Gage, in an exclusive chat with People, revealed their current understanding, “Our most important focus is raising our daughter in a loving environment and we are learning how to co-parent as effectively as we both can for her sake. I am optimistic.”

Gage’s career hit off on the right note after he designed his first commercial bathroom. He started living his dream by becoming financially independent, and starting his own business; becoming the proud owner of the Gage Edward, LLC corporation, located in LA, in 2019. However, he shut down the business in 2021, after which Gage took up the role of President of Partnerships in SideDoor. He also devoted much of his time to Monroe, along with working on a process of self-healing. He is quite active on social media, sharing pictures of their daughter often.

However, the doting father eventually removed the pictures, likely to keep her away from the spotlight. He does, however, occasionally share his own pictures with his fans, keeping them in the loop about his life. Gage recently shared a snap with Scott Edwards, his ex’s ex, giving rise to speculations, which were further fuelled by his ex Jeff Lewis. However, while Gage has chosen to remain tight-lipped about his equation with Scott and has preferred staying lowkey in the past couple of years, when it comes to his personal life, we respect his decision and believe that he’s leading a happy and content life with his daughter and loved ones.

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