Where is Garrett Rogers From My 600-lb Life Today?

‘My 600-lb Life’ is TLC’s fantastic offering that documents the weight loss journeys undertaken by morbidly obese people. Under the supervision of Dr. Now, the individuals try to lose a few pounds before they are greenlit for surgery. Often, the procedure and Dr. Now’s program is enough to set them on a path that focuses them on achieving the dream weight. For Garrett Rogers, that was definitely the case, as the young boy brought a drastic change in his lifestyle. You might be curious about where Rogers is at present. We have the latest news and updates.

Garrett Rogers’ My 600-lb Life Journey:

Initially, Garrett was not supposed to visit Dr. Now. He’s the nephew of Robin McKinley, a cast member, who suffered from an eating disorder and also smoked. After Robin’s brother Chris suffered a heart attack, it was up to Garrett to accompany her to Dr. Now’s office. The famed doctor was already focused on Robin’s dual issue of being morbidly obese and a regular smoker.

However, Garrett’s weight immediately commanded his attention. At the age of 20, the boy tipped the scales at 607 pounds. Dr. Now was alarmed that Garrett was headed towards becoming the world’s heaviest person and fast. Inspired by Dr. Now, Garrett doubled down on his efforts to lose weight. Eventually, he went down to 337 lbs, shedding almost 270 pounds.

Where is Garrett Rogers Today?

On August 9, 2018, Garrett had created a GoFundMe page to get back to Kansas. Naturally, he had relocated to Houston to be treated by the doctor. However, Garrett needed to get back home as his father had fallen ill. Although his page only raised $288, Robin informed fans that as of November 2019, Garrett is back in Meade, Kansas. She also told viewers that Garrett was not interested in doing an official follow up episode with the network.

Following the weight loss program with Dr. Now, seems to have made Garrett happier. You can check out a picture from April 2019 below.

Rogers also seems to have become more confident with how he looks as well as his body. A more recent picture in June 2019 shows the young man having some fun with camera filters.

As someone in his twenties, Garrett seems to have the usual hobbies and interests as most men his age. You can check out his post below, where he appears to be excited about ‘Borderlands 3.’

Young people often have active imaginations, and Garrett seems to enjoy the beauty of the cosmos, as captured through digital art mediums. It is clear from his most recent post that he’s made in September 2019.

Rogers also appears to enjoy his ‘Star Wars‘ content, which is evident from the Yoda in a cardigan picture, that he has also set as his profile photo.

It is clear that Garrett Rogers has primarily benefited from Dr. Now’s guidance and is happier after losing weight. Despite his low-key social media presence, we have been able to ascertain that he’s back in his hometown, which means he must be following his personal weight loss regime. After all, the young boy was a success story in the TLC series, and it is gladdening to see Garrett work towards achieving his goal weight, even if he doesn’t want to do a follow-up episode with the network.

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