George Mitchell Today: The Irish Crime Lord Maintains a Low Profile

The Cyberbunker raid that resulted in the arrest of Herman Xennt and ten other suspects brought to light a vast network of criminal activities. This intriguing case is the central focus of Netflix’s documentary series, ‘Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld.’ As the layers of the criminal underworld were peeled back, one name that emerged in particularly close connection to Xennt was that of George Mitchell. To uncover the full extent of his involvement and understand the intricate web of crimes he orchestrated, we have all the details ready for you.

George Mitchell’s World of Crime

George Mitchell, popularly known as ‘The Penguin,’ is a notorious Irish crime lord with an extensive history of involvement in various criminal organizations. He has gained notoriety for his active participation in organized criminal activities, including drug trafficking, heists, drug production, and various other illicit endeavors. By the mid-1990s, Mitchell had risen to become one of Ireland’s most prominent figures in the illegal drug trade. He has been connected to an attempted murder case involving a London gangster and has also been associated with the establishment of Ireland’s first Ecstasy manufacturing facility. In 1998, Mitchell faced legal repercussions when he was apprehended in the Netherlands while unloading a shipment of stolen computer components, leading to a year-long imprisonment.

Reportedly, George Mitchell had established contact with Herman Xennt as early as the late 1990s. Allegations suggest that Xennt had procured stolen computer components from Mitchell, which led to their initial connection. Subsequently, the two began spending time together, with many speculations surrounding Mitchell’s motivation to alter his involvement in the drug trade. It is believed that they collaborated on Xennt’s encrypted phone venture. In 2015, an Irish journalist managed to track down Mitchell in Traben-Trarbach, resulting in the publication of an exclusive photograph of the elusive drug lord, who had remained out of the public eye for several years.

As the authorities intensified their scrutiny of the Cyberbunker case, they commenced tracking and wiretapping George Mitchell’s phone. However, the information he conveyed was veiled in such intricate codes that it proved indecipherable to investigators. Acutely aware of the growing investigative attention, Mitchell promptly relocated from the town. What emerged with clarity from their inquiries was that Mitchell’s involvement extended beyond mere investment in the business. He actively promoted Xennt’s encrypted phone services to a clientele encompassing cartel members and a range of other criminals, facilitating their illicit activities, including drug and weapons trade.

Where is George Mitchell Now?

In the wake of the 2019 raid on Xennt’s Cyberbunker, which resulted in Xennt and over 10 other individuals being apprehended, George Mitchell had made his escape years before law enforcement’s intervention. Notably, during the subsequent year-long trial of the arrested individuals, Mitchell was not among those prosecuted, although he was repeatedly cited as someone who had frequented the bunker and maintained a close association with Xennt. As the investigation into the bunker’s activities progressed, it became evident from the files that Mitchell held a ‘hierarchical’ position above others involved.

The Exclu network, a clandestine phone service provided by Xennt, was marketed as ‘hack-proof’ and even included an emergency feature to obliterate all data in case of police interference. Unbeknownst to the users, Dutch authorities had covertly penetrated the network. It was eventually exposed that this network was primarily employed by high-level organized crime groups, predominantly based in the Netherlands but also extending its reach to Sweden, France, Germany, and Italy. Law enforcement’s ability to infiltrate the Exclu network allowed them to gather comprehensive information on illicit transactions and activities conducted through the service.

In February 2023, following a series of international crackdowns on associated criminal operations, the Exclu network was shut down. 71-year-old George Mitchell, who also goes by the name Mr. Green, found himself implicated as one of the five suspects linked to the encrypted phone network. He is facing charges related to aiding criminal enterprises. But alas, for years, Mitchell has maintained a low profile, quietly traversing Europe. Despite his substantial wealth, reports suggest he has resided in a modest two-bedroom apartment in Spain for nearly two decades, and he drives a second-hand vehicle. Sources indicate that his primary focus is his family, including his children and his partner, a former secretary whom he met in Holland and with whom he now shares his life.

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