Get Even Season 1 Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Get Even’ is a murder mystery set in a high school where bullying is interpreted as the competitive spirit and the mistreatment of the students by the teachers is overlooked. Eventually, four girls decide to change things and, as a result, have to go up against some very tough challenges. While doing their best to invoke a positive change in their surroundings, they also have to go through the usual trials of being a teenager, managing their academics, friendships, and love lives. In the end, it looks like all their problems have been resolved, but it is also revealed that they are not paying attention to the danger that lurks on the horizon. If you haven’t seen the show yet, head over to Netflix. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Summary

Four girls- Kitty, Margo, Bree, and Olivia- in the Bannerman school decide to stand up against the unjust practices and the toxic environment encouraged by the authorities. They form a group called Don’t Get Mad (DGM), and decide to get even with anyone who wrongs them or other students. The problem begins for the group when Ronny, their target, is killed by someone. The cops find DGM’s card next to the body, which leads the girls to become the prime suspects in the investigation.

Who Killed Ronny and Mika?

To clear the name of DGM from the murder investigation of Ronny, the girls decide to look into it themselves. In their inquiry, they discover a lot of secrets of several people in their vicinity. Their first suspect is Coach Creed who was being blackmailed by Ronny for his relationship with Cam. The motive seemed good enough for Creed to kill Ronny. However, when Mika dies too, the girls are forced to expand the circle of their suspicion.

They briefly consider Donte’s involvement in it. Rex is also considered for Ronny’s murder, but his name is cleared when his sister is killed. At last, their focus settles on Christopher. Ronny had led Chris into believing that he was in love with him but then broke his heart later by pretending that nothing ever happened between them. When DGM’s calling card is found in his locker, the cops arrest him for the crime. However, the truth is something else entirely.

Margot discovers a DGM card inside Logan’s car. When she questions him about it, he claims to be DGM. Margot knows that he is lying because he is not DGM, she is. His feeble explanations to convince her of his innocence confirm her beliefs about his guilt and DGM regroups to coax a confession out of him. Margot confronts him about his lies while Kitty films it. Logan breaks down in front of Margot and tells her that it had all been an accident.

After Ronny mistreated Chris, Logan went to his house and they got in a fight. In a fit of anger, Logan pushed him and Ronny fell out of the window and died. To divert suspicion, Logan placed DGM’s card on the crime scene, and it really worked in his favor. Things got out of hand at Ronny’s memorial service when Mika told everyone that she knew things about Ronny that no one did. This scared Logan and he met her at the bridge to find out what she really knew. When Mika got suspicious of his inquiry, Logan got angry and pushed her from the bridge and into the river, where she drowned.

The Ending

DGM exposes Logan’s truth through the recording of his confession, following which he runs away. Later, he calls Margot to meet him alone at the park. He tells her that his parents are a part of a secret society that is after DGM. Before he can tell her more, the cops arrive and he is arrested. The group meets to celebrate their success. Kitty reveals that she might not be returning to school the next year because she lost her scholarship. The group vows to bring her back and considers it their next mission.

While the ending leaves a lot of loose threads in the personal lives of DGM, it also gives a hint about the problems in their future. After the murder of Ronny, we find a black car following Kitty. We never see who’s in it and it doesn’t come into play in regard to the murder investigation. Later, we see Principal Harrington getting inside the car. He has a conversation with someone and he gets out of it pretty quickly, but again, we don’t get to know more about it.

It is in the end when Logan comes clean about the murder of Ronny and Mika that we discover what the black car actually meant. Because DGM had taken it upon themselves to expose the malpractices of the children as well as of the staff of Bannerman school, they had irked the authorities who were not happy with their interference. As we already know, Bannerman is funded by some rich people, and they are not happy with what DGM is trying to do. So, they want to weed them out. However, before they can take any significant action against them, they have to find out who DGM really is.

At the end, when Logan warns Margot, the black car is seen again. This confirms that this secret society of rich people is going to be the next antagonist of the story. It is also clear that Kitty and Margot have come to their attention. The question now is: what do they intend to do with DGM?

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