Ghosted Ending, Explained: Does Leveque Die?

Apple TV+’s action romantic comedy, ‘Ghosted’ follows the story of Cole and Sadie, two polar opposites who fall in love with each other. Cole never takes risks. He has never been out of the country and has kept himself to his family farm, even though he is encouraged to pursue his own life. However, Sadie spends most of her time in the riskiest situations. She travels all the time and wants someone who can deal with her being away so often.

Despite their differences, Cole and Sadie connect with each other, but things take a turn for the worse when Cole discovers the truth about Sadie’s job and then gets entangled in it. After going through many deal-breakers, they conclude what they want from their relationship. Here’s how things end up for them. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ghosted Plot Synopsis

Cole is a farmer. He doesn’t travel much; he doesn’t act spontaneously, though he does jump into a relationship on the first meeting. His last girlfriend broke up with him because he was too needy, so he decides to change things the next time. When he meets Sadie, they instantly click. They spend a great day together, and Cole really thinks that this could lead somewhere. He tries to be casual about it, but over three days, he sends so many messages to her that Cole’s family starts to believe that Sadie has ghosted him.

When he discovers that Sadie is in London, Cole jumps on the opportunity to do something spontaneous and show Sadie that he can be the kind of person who takes risks. He walks into a trap laid out for the Taxman. He is abducted by terrorists who want the passcode to a case that contains a biochemical weapon. Sadie saves him but knows that the danger hasn’t passed just yet.

Ghosted Ending: Does Leveque Die?

When Cole is abducted in London, he discovers he is the victim of misidentification. They believe he is the Taxman, while Cole has no idea who they are talking about. Later, he discovers that the codename belongs to Sadie. She is a CIA operative and has been sent to retrieve Aztec. She reveals that a man named Leveque has it so that he can sell it to the highest bidder. He hasn’t been able to do that because he doesn’t have the passcode. He believes that the Taxman has it, which is why he is after Cole.

Because the enemies believe that Cole is the Taxman, Sadie and the CIA figure that Cole and his family will never be safe until they have rooted out the people chasing him. When they figure out that the passcode is the genetic sequence of the amaranth plant, Sadie comes up with a plan to lure their enemies. The passcode is broken into four parts. She sends one part to Leveque to show that the Taxman is open to selling the code for a lot of money.

While her superiors agree to execute the mission, they don’t allow Sadie to participate. They need Cole because Leveque and his man will only deal with the man they know as the Taxman. Sadie, however, has been put under an official inquiry and is sent on leave while the whole thing is figured out. Previously, she had Aztec in her hands, but she let Leveque’s men run away while trying to save Cole.

A meeting is arranged with Leveque at the Skydome restaurant, and Cole is sent to the restaurant with three agents covering him. Even though Cole expresses concern about the safety measures around him, the CIA doesn’t seem too concerned about it. They are proven wrong when all three agents are killed as soon as Cole arrives at the rendezvous point. He realizes his cover is gone, but he decides to go forth with the plan because he has no other option. This is the only to save his family. He also believes that Sadie will come for him.

His faith pays off when in the middle of the deal, Sadie walks into the place. By now, Leveque has turned hostile. He knew that sharing the passcode was a trap to capture him and his men, but now that Cole is alone, he becomes more confident. He plans to get the code and then kill the Taxman. However, when Sadie arrives on the spot, she takes control of the situation, especially after she reveals that Cole is not the Taxman; she is.

Sadie demands ten million dollars in exchange for the rest of the code. If Leveque were alone, he wouldn’t have given away any money, but he was accompanied by his buyer, Mr. Utami, who had become impatient. As soon as Sadie opens the case, Utami wires her the money. The deal is done, but Leveque is not ready to let them go. This is when Sadie reveals that before she entered the place, she’d already placed a ten-million-dollar bounty on Leveque.

The bounty hunters were alerted where they could find Leveque, and as she expected, many of them had shown up to capture Leveque and claim the reward. This creates a tense atmosphere at the restaurant as everyone pulls out a gun. The numbers are evened out. Leveque and Utami’s men are against the bounty hunters. All they need to do is take Aztec and run away. However, it is not so easy in the brawl.

Both Sadie and Cole get entangled in the fight where one by one, people around them die at each other’s hands. Eventually, Leveque gets his hands on Aztec, but Cole and Sadie get it out of his hands while he falls out of the restaurant’s glass window. Considering that he falls from high up and the walls were spinning when he fell off, there is no way Leveque couldn’t have survived it. He dies, and so does everyone who believed Cole is the Taxman. With this, Cole is free of the CIA and its operations, and his family is safe from the villains trying to kill him.

Do Cole and Sadie End Up Together?

When they first meet, Cole and Sadie don’t have a pleasant interaction. When Sadie tries to buy a houseplant, and Cole realizes she cannot take care of it, he refuses to sell it to her in good conscience. They argue until the actual owner and Cole’s friend shows up and sells the plant to Sadie anyway. She also points out that the banter between Cole and Sadie suggests sexual tension between them, which encourages him to ask her out on a date.

Fortunately, their gamble pays off, and they have a great time together. Cole believes Sadie is the one, and later, she confesses she’d thought about calling him back. But then, he sent her so many messages that she was put off, and then he followed her to London, getting both of them in a mess that she needed to clear up now. She also reveals that she had Cole checked out and discovered that he had lied about a few things. She thought he would have cactus behavior— not needing a lot of tending to and being able to survive while she was away. But he reveals himself to be clingy and sort of a creep for taking her picture while she was sleeping and then following her to London.

During the mission, Cole also realizes that Sadie is not as good as he thought she was. He discovers that she remains emotionally unattached, especially when it comes to her previous boyfriends, and always prioritizes the mission over people. She didn’t come to his rescue because she liked him. She did it because she was sent to get Aztec. Eventually, he figures that his emotional unavailability might have something to do with her fear of losing people. She had lost her mother at a very young age, and now, whenever she got close to someone, she pushed them away before she could get too attached and expose herself to the pain of losing them.

In the end, however, Sadie chooses to save Cole, showing she cares about him. He also understands that Sadie’s job will keep her away, so he must curb his neediness. Their journey allows them to see each other’s worst side while confronting the things holding them back. In the final scene, it is confirmed that they have decided to give their relationship a chance. Cole has moved out of the farm and is working on his book. At the same time, Sadie balances her professional and personal life, even if it means holding a target captive in the car’s boot while going on a date with her boyfriend.

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