Gil and Myrla Feria From Married At First Sight: Everything We Know

Lifetime’s ‘Married At First Sight’ manages to stand out of the crowd with a unique premise involving the marriage of its participants on their first meeting. In an exciting ride that keeps the viewers glued to their seats, relationship experts pair up singles who don’t know each other. The matched-up pairs meet for the first time at their marriage ceremony and tie the knot. It is followed by a honeymoon and some time as a regular married pair, during which the two try to iron out any issues or creases in their relationship.

Ultimately, on decision day, each couple is given a choice between separating or staying together. Gil and Myrla Feria got married on season 13 of the popular reality show, and their equation earned them enough love and admiration. Now, fans are eagerly waiting to get more information about the wonderful couple. Well, here is everything we know about Gil and Myrla!

Everything We Know About Gil

Originally from Columbia, Gil is highly proud of his culture and heritage. The value of family is also very important to the reality star, and his primary intention behind marriage is to settle down with a special someone and start a family. Coming from Columbia, Gil also spoke about wanting to live the American dream and having a wonderfully fulfilling life.

Currently, Gil is 35 and has found employment as a firefighter. He holds his profession in high regard and believes it’s a blessing that he gets to help and rescue people through his job. However, due to the reality star preferring a veil of privacy, there isn’t much information about his higher education and early life. Gil has also mentioned that he is an avid Salsa dancer and even hopes that the one he is matched to will share his passion for the art.

Gil has also managed to keep his dating history under wraps and not revealed anything in the public sphere. Moreover, with no reports linking the reality star to a special someone, it is unclear if he has had past relationships. However, currently, Gil plans to settle down with someone with whom he can start a family and make beautiful memories. Moreover, Gil even mentioned how sexuality and sexual intimacy are vital for him, and he hopes to have great sexual chemistry with his partner.

Everything We Know About Myrla Feria

Hailing from South Texas, Myrla grew up alongside at least one other sibling and holds her mother in high regard. However, she revealed that she had to experience domestic violence in her childhood and witnessed her mother standing firm in the face of numerous adversities and challenges. She even mentioned that although the trauma from her childhood experience left a scar on her mind, it made her even more determined to build a home free from all violence and conflict. Thus, she desired a partner who will support her in this endeavor.

At present, the 35-year-old is seemingly based in McAllen, Texas, where she is employed as a Teacher in IDEA Public Schools. In 2008, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Bilingual-Early Childhood Education from the University of Texas Pan-American. She then went on to earn a Master of Public Administration Degree from the same University in 2011.

Even though her profession lists her as a teacher, Myrla describes her work as being a life coach and educator for young minds. Like Gil, Myrla prefers privacy when it comes to her personal life and has not revealed anything about her dating history. With no reports on the reality star’s past relationships and no updates through her social media, it is unclear if she has dated in the past. On the show, Myrla revealed that she wanted a man who would love to travel with her.

Myrla further added that she desires to spend her life with someone who will understand her past traumas and be caring enough to make her feel comfortable. Although she fears that her husband might leave her after she puts in the effort, Myrla is ready to trust blindly in ‘MAFS’ unconventional methods. We wish Myrla and Gil the very best and hope their future is filled with happiness.

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