Gina Rodriguez: Stormy Daniels’ Publicist is Now a Grandmother

Image Credit: Gina Rodriguez/Instagram

Among the various individuals involved in the dealings related to the alleged affair between Stephanie Clifford, AKA Stormy Daniels, and Donald Trump, the former’s manager and publicist Gina Rodriguez has certainly played a major role. As explored in Peacock’s ‘Stormy,’ she stayed by Stormy’s side when the media delved into the details of the apparent agreement between Stormy and Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen. Given everything that has happened since then, Gina has inevitably become someone who has piqued the interest of the audience.

Gina Rodriguez Represented Stormy Daniels During Her Dealings With Michael Cohen

A former adult entertainment star, Gina Rodriguez became Stormy Daniels’ publicist and tried to help her when it came to publically sharing her story with the world. Stormy’s story first hit the world in 2011, when Donald Trump had just started to put his name forward as a presidential candidate. Initially, Stormy had been reluctant to have anything to do with talking about her alleged affair, but then changed her mind and apparently decided to take control of the narrative.

Hence, Gina seemingly took on the role of her manager as Stormy tried to talk about her story in a publication in order to make it public. However, the story was not published at the time, with Stormy even claiming that someone had threatened to keep her quiet in May 2011. When Trump’s race to the presidential seat was almost coming to a close in 2016, his then-lawyer, Michael Cohen, allegedly decided to make a deal with Stormy so that the story would never go public. Gina was herself a part of the negotiation process that took place during the initial failed attempt by Cohen on October 10, 2016, and the latter where Stormy was apparently given $130,000 to never come out to the public regarding what had allegedly transpired between her and Trump.

When Stormy’s did become public in 2018, Gina and Stormy remained quiet for a long time, trying not to break the non-disclosure agreement that they had decided to sign. However, when Cohen himself admitted to the world that he had paid Stormy money, Gina felt that the agreement was now void. “Everything is off now, and Stormy is going to tell her story,” she told the world after Cohen publically claimed that his paying Stormy was not part of any campaign expenditures, something that had brought scrutiny from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

As the FBI delved into the details of the dealings between Stormy and Cohen, Gina was subpoenaed to hand over her records pertaining to the same. She seemingly complied with the order and provided crucial documents that seemed to prove that Cohen had indeed been working on a deal with Stormy on October 10, 2016, though that particular arrangement never came to pass, leading to Cohen’s second attempt towards the same.

Where is Gina Rodriguez Now?

Over the years, Gina Rodriguez has continued to blossom in her role as a publicist. During her initial days working with Stormy Daniels, she was affiliated with DD Entertainment. However, she has since left the organization behind and has been focused on her own company, Gitoni, which was established in 2009 and now represents several big-name brands in the entertainment industry. Some of the company’s major clients include Larsa Pippen, Lamar Odom, Soulja Boy, and many, many more.

Additionally, Gina is the co-owner of Gitoni Productions, which is known for its work on various television projects like ‘Happily Ever Altered’ and the ‘Mama June’ franchise. The CEO of Gitoni is presently partnered with Odom Recovery, Oxy Dental Lomita, and ZNest. From February 2017, she has also been an Executive Producer for ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot.’ On a more personal note, Gina has a daughter named Brandilyn Snail, whom she loves very much. Through her, the publicist also has a grandson called Liam, who turned 9 in September 2023. Gian also has three adorable dogs named Coco, Bella, and Bucci, who live with her in Los Angeles, California.

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