Glen Crain: Stormy Daniels’ Ex-Husband is Now on Good Terms With Her

In Peacock’s ‘Stormy,’ the viewers learn much about the details of the life of Stephanie Clifford, AKA Stormy Daniels. During the time in which she was fighting a legal battle against former President Donald Trump, the adult video star’s personal connections with her loved ones were impacted severely. This includes her relationship with her then-husband, Glendon “Glen” Crain, as the two had to navigate various ups and downs. While Stormy is certainly the focus of the movie, Glen is also someone that people have been eager to follow.

Glen Crain’s Marriage with Stormy Daniels Came To a Bitter End

As it turns out, Glen Crain was actually Stormy Daniels’ third husband, though the latter confessed that she had known that this particular relationship would be different than the others. As for Glen, he confessed that when he had first approached Stormy, he had not expected to have a shot with her. “I was like, ‘I would ask for your number, but I know you’ll never call me.’ And she was like, ‘What makes you think that?’ And I’m like, ‘Well, just look at you,'” Glen recalled his first meeting with Stormy.


In turn, Stormy had found Glen to be “talented and funny, and sweet, and he was hot.” Glen shared that Stormy had told him upfront about her involvement in the adult entertainment industry. He stated that having a partner in the industry had indeed been hard for him, especially after he had worked on a few videos and had found the experience to be harrowing. In fact, he admitted that being a part of the adult video industry had been hard for his confidence.

When the story of Stormy’s sexual encounter with Donald Trump had become public, Glen had apparently been unaware of it all. In the Peacock movie, Stormy admitted that while she had told him about Trump offering her a possible appearance on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ she had not told him about the fact that something more had occurred between the two. As such, Glen had felt betrayed that this was how he had learned about it all.

Having gotten married in 2015, the public attention on Glen and Stormy was higher than ever due to the latter’s past involvement with Trump. As the public’s interest in Stormy increased, she started doing more and more tours around the country and apparently stayed away from home a lot so as not to bring much attention to her husband and daughter. However, the situation was also hard for Glen, who was left to handle it on his own while seeing his wife on the national news and trying to comfort his daughter over why her mother was so absent from their lives.

Things started to deteriorate further between Glen and Stormy, but it came to a head in July 2018 when Stormy was arrested by the Ohio police. Following this, Glen was apparently to send their daughter to Stormy via flight, but when the little girl did not reach her destination on time, Stormy immediately went back to Dallas, Texas, to look for her and did not find her. This started a process between Glen and Stormy, with the latter apparently willing to settle it out of court and even handing over custody to Glen as long as he allowed her to see her daughter.

According to Stormy, she did not want things to reach court as she felt that this would bring undue attention to her daughter, something she seemed desperate to avoid. Ultimately, Glen filed for divorce in July 2018, citing adultery as the reason. In the Peacock documentary, Stormy did admit that she had been romantically involved with journalist Denver Nicks at the time, which Glen did not seem to appreciate at all. A temporary restraining order was also granted to Glen and his daughter against Stormy.

Where is Glen Crain Now?

Following his divorce from Stormy Daniels, it seems like Glen Crain’s relationship with her has actually taken a good turn. The former happily shared her gratitude over the fact that Glen had come to an arrangement with her that allowed them to co-parent their daughter amicably. Despite the bitter end of their marriage, it seems like Glen now mourns how things had turned out, stating that it was sad that he had bad things to talk about because he also has some great memories of his relationship with Stormy.

As of writing, Glen prefers to lead a private life, though he does seem to have an amicable relationship with Stormy and has even remained in touch with her as the new round of indictments against Trump were issued. A drummer by profession, he seems to have retained his love for the art. he also seems to adore his daughter and takes pride in his role as a father.

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