Are Stormy Daniels and Barrett Blade Still Together?

Image Credit: Barrett Blade/Instagram

Peacock’s ‘Stormy’ explores the details of the life of Stephanie Clifford, AKA Stormy Daniels, as she became a subject of public interest due to her association with former President Donald Trump. Needless to say, her personal life was severely impacted by the ups and downs she had to navigate. Hence, when she talks about the happiness of her marriage with Barrett Blade, her supporters cannot help but feel glad about it all.

Stormy Daniels and Barrett Blade Got Married After a Long Standing Friendship

In the wake of her divorce from Glendon “Glen” Crain, Stormy Daniels found herself gravitating towards Barrett Blade. Her relationship with the latter had started as a friendship, with both of them working in the adult entertainment industry. “We had worked together quite a few times, but we never dated, never even kissed off-screen,” Stormy explained in the Peacock documentary. “And so we rekindled all of that and moved and got horses, and everything was going great.”

Image Credit: Stormy Daniels/Instagram

Indeed, Stormy and Barrett got married in September 2022, with this being the fourth time that the former entered a marriage. Stormy has often taken a loving an humorous approach towards how much she loves her husband and adores his presence in her life. “When you marry your best friend, life is always going to be good….even on the days it’s hard,” she shared in an Instagram post. “Thank you, [Barrett Blade], for giving me my dream home, life, and family. (The diamonds and amazing sex are awesome, too!)”

However, when Donald Trump was indicted once more in March 2023, Stormy and Barrett came under public scrutiny. This seemed like a repeat of what Stormy had gone through previously in 2018 when she and Trump’s sexual encounter was revealed to the public for the first time. However, for Barrett, this was the first time, and he remained determined to be there for his wife in any way possible, take care of her, and show her that she was not alone in her fight.

“Nobody cares about her agenda, and that’s the hardest part. No disrespect, but this documentary is an agenda to help somebody do something to make money,” Barett shared his thoughts on Stormy’s struggles in the documentary. “At this point, she should do it for the f—–g money. She deserves to be compensated so she can go hide on an island somewhere, and stay away from everybody, and live her life. without everybody f—-n’ f—–g it up.” Making his thoughts very clear on what he thought of the apparent pain that Stormy had gone through, Barett seemed to have taken to his role as a supporter quite well.

Stormy Daniels and Barrett Blade Are Still Happily Married

Despite the recent increase in public interest in their lives, Stormy Daniels and Barrett Blade have continued to remain by each other’s side. The couple completed a year of their marriage in September 2023. “The first year of marriage to my beautiful, loving wife is in the books. 25 years of stalking this woman to get to this point has been worth the journey. You are my wife, my partner, my muse, my inspiration, my sex freak, my soul mate, my twin flame, and so much more. You have made me and my life better. Simply said, I love you,” Barett shared on the occasion of his first wedding anniversary, alluding to his long-standing connection with Stormy.

Throughout thick and thin, it seems like both Stormy and Barrett are always ready to be each other’s champion. In fact, when the first announcement of the Peacock documentary named after his wife was made, Barrett was one of her most vocal supporters and has been very openly promoting the documentary in question. He also seems to be developing a liking towards horses, something that Stormy certainly seems to appreciate, given her lifelong love for them.

Together, Stormy and Barrett enjoy traveling around the world and creating happy moments with each other. Whether it is attending a sports event or celebrating a life occasion, they seem to prefer being in each other’s company. They have also undertaken multiple projects together over the years, both in front of the cameras and behind them. Given their easy camaraderie and respect towards each other, the world remains hopeful that they will remain together for a long time.

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