Where Is Girlfriends Filmed?

If in the mood of watching a fresh, interesting sitcom, ‘Girlfriends’ is the one to opt for. The series follows a group of friends and their complicated lives as they try to make sense of everything around them. It has received praise for giving a realistic portrayal of friendships, while also commenting on social and political issues through the lens of four African-American women. It is a classic sitcom that found a home in Netflix on its twentieth anniversary and continues to please the audience with its evergreen themes and narrative. If you want to know where the show has been filmed, here’s the answer.

Girlfriends Filming Location

‘Girlfriends’ follows the story of four women who stick with each other through thick and thin, while figuring out what they want in their lives. The city emerges as the fifth character in the show and becomes a pivotal factor in giving a direction to the story of the girls. Much like it happens in ‘Sex and the City’, where New York serves as home to the protagonists, the production of ‘Girlfriends’ found Los Angeles to be the place where we go through the ups and downs in their journey. The entire series has been filmed in Los Angeles, with most of it taking place in the studios, and some scenes filmed on location.

Los Angeles, California,

Much of the filming of the show took place on sets. ‘Girlfriends’ was mostly filmed at Paramount Studios on 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. The location was also used for filming the spin-off series ‘The Game’, which was later moved to a different location. A number of sets were created in the studio to film the interiors of several locations in the city. The houses of the four protagonists and their workplaces were also recreated here to give them the necessary makeover as their stories moved forward.

While the cast spent a lot of their time at Paramount Studios, they also had to film some exterior scenes around the city. The crew found a couple of locations that appear frequently in the show. The exteriors of Joan’s house were filmed at 679 Abor St, Pasadena. For Toni’s house, the crew found a great house at 5449 Rosewood Avenue in Los Angeles. The scenes with Maya and Lynn’s apartments were filmed at 3836 Mont Clair St. LA. The exteriors of William’s house were filmed at 12716 Darla Avenue in LA. As the story moves forward, Joan and William find their careers in law. The scenes set in their law firms were filmed at 645 5th Street in LA.

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