Girls State: Where Are The Participants Now?

Apple TV +’s ‘Girls State’ follows adolescent girls in Missouri for a week during their participation in a program organized by the American Legion Auxiliary (ALA). The program is aimed at providing high school girls with an immersive learning experience in American government and civic leadership. During ALA Girls State, participants are divided into mock political parties and simulate the process of creating and running a fictional state government. They engage in activities such as holding elections, drafting and debating legislation, and participating in mock court proceedings.

Participants are often nominated by their high schools based on their academic achievements, leadership potential, and involvement in extracurricular activities. ALA Girls State provides them with an opportunity to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds and gain hands-on experience in various aspects of government and public service. The film highlights the inspiring dedication and enthusiasm of these young women, attempts to understand the politics of the potential future leaders of the country, and the backgrounds that they come from.

Emily Worthmore is at Lindenwood University Today

Emily Worthmore comes across as a courageous and outspoken leader in the documentary. Despite facing challenges and resistance from her surroundings, particularly regarding her conservative political views, she remains steadfast in expressing her beliefs. Emily’s background, including being raised by a single mother after her father, who was a pastor, passed away, likely influenced her perspective and determination. She shared that she wanted to study investigative journalism and even wrote an extensive article addressing discrepancies between the boys’ and girls’ programs, particularly in terms of financial and social resources.

In 2023, Emily transitioned from Melville High School to Lindenwood University, where she started studying journalism studies with the support of a full scholarship. Alongside her academic pursuits, she embraced a role as a Kids Academy Instructor at Lifetime Fitness in St. Louis County, further demonstrating her dedication to both her education and community engagement. Additionally, Emily assumed the position of Assistant Counselor for ALA Missouri Girls State, leveraging her leadership skills to support and mentor other young women in the program. Through her multifaceted roles, Emily continues to make meaningful contributions to both her academic and local communities.

Maddie Rowan is Studying in Illinois Today

At the onset of the series, Maddie Rowan, a queer activist hailing from Kirkwood, harbored initial apprehension. However, as she shared living quarters with Emily Worthmore, who disclosed her conservative views, Maddie discovered unexpected common ground between them. Throughout the documentary, Maddie emerged as a prominent figure, fearlessly posing probing questions and prompting those around her to reevaluate disparities in treatment between genders, such as in dress codes and playing hours. Maddie’s unwavering advocacy and thought-provoking inquiries added depth and nuance to the exploration of gender dynamics within the program.

Currently enrolled at Illinois State University, Maddie continues to pursue her studies while enjoying a fulfilling relationship with her girlfriend, Annie George, spanning two years. Their shared commitment to social causes is evident as Maddie actively engages in camps and youth groups, notably dedicating time to children with special needs during a 2022 event. With her enterprising spirit and dedication to social activism, Maddie embodies promise for the future.

Nisha Murali is an Engineering Student Today

Nisha Murali, initially grappling with shyness, bravely embraced vulnerability during the program, acknowledging the challenge of adjusting to new social dynamics. Despite the discomfort of being filmed, she courageously stepped out of her comfort zone. Although her aspiration to run for Supreme Court Justice was not realized, Nisha wholeheartedly committed herself to the role of an associate circuit judge, demonstrating enthusiasm and dedication in her endeavors.

Nisha received a full scholarship to Texas A&M University, where she is currently pursuing her BSc degree with a focus on engineering. Actively engaged in various societies, including Women in Engineering, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, and the TAMU Mock Trial team, Nisha demonstrates strong leadership qualities. With determination and dedication, she is diligently working towards building a promising future for herself in the field of engineering and as a leader.

Tochi Ihekona is a Student of Howard University Today

Tochi Ihekona was aware of being one of the few African American students in the program. She acknowledged experiencing microaggressions from some of the other students, many of whom came from small towns and had limited exposure to diversity. Despite these challenges, Tochi ran for the office of Attorney General and remained steadfast in her convictions, even when faced with opposition. She held her office with stability and grace and showed everyone that she was a capable leader.

Daughter of immigrant parents from Nigeria, Tochi exemplifies resilience and determination as she forges her path forward. Currently a student at Howard University, nestled in the vibrant city of Washington, D.C., Tochi is immersed in an environment steeped in rich history, academic excellence, and cultural vibrancy. Founded in 1867, Howard University stands as a beacon of higher education, renowned for its commitment to social justice, diversity, and empowerment. Amidst the bustling campus adorned with historic buildings and a thriving student community, Tochi has found a sense of belonging and purpose.

Cecilia Bartin is the NHS President Today

Throughout the documentary, Cecilia Bartin, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, emerged as a resilient and self-reliant individual. Running for the office of Governor, she spearheaded a rigorous campaign that ultimately led to her victory. In an interview, Bartincandidly revealed that the film overlooked her numerous unsuccessful election attempts, highlighting the substantial effort invested in her political journey. She clarified that her motivations were not solely focused on winning but rather on discovering her voice. Presently, Bartin holds the esteemed position of President of the National Honor Society and remains deeply committed to federalist ideals.

Faith Glasgow is Not Publically Active Today

Faith Glasgow’s gubernatorial campaign, representing the Federalist Party, positioned her as a prominent contender. Known for her amiable demeanor and receptiveness to diverse viewpoints, she garnered widespread likability among fellow candidates. The intense competition between Glasgow and Cecilia Bartin in the finals underscored Glasgow’s dedication and hard work. However, following the film’s release, Glasgow opted to maintain a low profile and retreat from public scrutiny for a period.

Brooke Taylor is Enrolled at the University of Missouri Today

Brooke Taylor formed a strong bond with Nisha Murali during their interviews for the Supreme Court Justice position, fostering a connection rooted in shared aspirations and ambitions. Despite not securing the position herself, Taylor remained undeterred and committed to advocating for causes close to her heart, particularly environmental issues. Known for her mild temperament yet steadfast determination, Taylor consistently voiced her opinions on pertinent matters whenever the opportunity arose. Her nuanced understanding of abortion legislation garnered recognition from her peers, further solidifying her reputation as a thoughtful and influential figure within legal circles.

Coming from a predominantly conservative town, Taylor’s opportunity to advocate for liberal ideas served as a personal triumph for her. Currently enrolled as a student at the University of Missouri, she has also embraced involvement in the Kappa Gamma Sorority, further enriching her collegiate experience. On a personal note, Taylor has been in a fulfilling relationship with Cameron Williams, marking two years of companionship together. With her youthful energy and determination, Taylor will showcase her talents and make a positive impact wherever her journey takes her.

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