Glow Up Season 2: Where Are They Now?

The makeup industry is one that captivatingly blends skill, creativity, and flair, which also is a good recipe for an entertaining reality TV show. ‘Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star,’ also known as ‘Glow Up,’ is one such platform that has been showcasing the creativity and skills of makeup artists and giving them a chance to shine on the global stage. Season 2 of this British television show introduced us to a pool of talented contestants who vied for the title. But what have they been up to since the premiere of the first installment in 2020? Let’s delve into the post-show journeys of the contestants and see where their adventures have taken them.

Where is Ophelia Liu Now?

Ophelia Liu is a self-taught makeup artist from Season 2 who emerged as the winner of the show. Hailing from Hong Kong, she embarked on a journey to London to pursue her dream of becoming a professional makeup artist. Not only did she win the competition, but she also conquered social media, where she found a dedicated following of 592K Instagram followers. Since her victory, she has continued to make waves in the makeup industry and collaborated with several professional photographers, brands, and artists.

Beyond makeup, Ophelia has also ventured into the world of fashion, designing clothing for her brand “18 Levels Of.” Her innovation and dedication have not gone unnoticed, as in 2021, she was recognized as Asia’s Most Influential, which further solidified her status as a trendsetter in the industry. One of her endeavors includes returning to her alma mater, Concord, where she designed the looks of the college’s musical production while also running workshops for students and catching up with her teachers.

Some of her popular collaborations include names such as Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris with Val Garland, the English National Ballet, Amazon Prime, and Illamasqua. She also frequently conducts online masterclasses where she offers her expertise to aspiring makeup artists. Her passion and talent have captivated the world of makeup, and her ability to seamlessly blend artistry with entrepreneurship makes it evident that she is a powerhouse in the industry. In August 2023, she also posted a photo with the caption, “When he takes better photos than me putting my selfie game to shame.” However, she didn’t mention who the person she was on a date with was.

Where is James MacInerney Now?

The runner-up of season 2 of ‘Glow Up,’ James MacInerney, brought his unique blend of painting skills and drag experience to the stage. His loss in the finals didn’t deter him from pursuing his dreams and after the show, he returned to his roots. He moved back to Ireland with his family, where he honed his makeup skills while waiting to return to London, where he could do editorial shoots. The talented makeup artist has maintained an active online presence, amassing a substantial following of over 274K on Instagram.

James is a trained ski instructor, because of which he has been on wild adventures, something that inspires his looks. His status as a respected figure in the makeup industry is evident by the fact that he was invited to be a guest judge on RTE’s ‘Glow Up Ireland.’ What makes James different is his willingness to share his personal journey with the world. In a BBC Radio 4 documentary, he opened up about living with Tourettes syndrome and shared some of the challenges he has faced as an individual with this condition.

Other than this, James has ventured into several other projects, including collaborations with notable names and appearances at events like Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris. In early 2023, he also presented a masterclass at Aliya Baig Makeup Academy in Hyderabad, India. James is currently dating Liam Conway, a beauty and fashion content creator, and the two have been traveling together and going strong.

Where is Eve Jenkins Now?

Eve Jenkins, a makeup artist from Liverpool, became a fan favorite on the show and finished in third place. Before joining the competition, she worked at a salon, but her time on ‘Glow Up’ pushed her beyond her comfort zone of traditional makeup looks. Since her time on the show, her career has been on the rise, including a massive gain in Instagram following, reaching over 231K  followers. Her work from the show was published in Hunger Magazine, and it was Rankin who captured her artistry through his lens.

Eve has also worked in the show ‘Strictly Come Dancing,’ further marking her presence in the entertainment industry. She also took strides in her personal life and got married to the love of her life, Nathan, in November 2022. In August 2023, she ventured into entrepreneurship by opening her own studio, Milk Studios, which is a hair and makeup studio located in Liverpool. Eve also hosted the Studio London by Superdrug masterclass alongside Craig Hamilton.

Where is Hannah Cunningham Now?

Hannah Cunningham’s journey from an office job to a budding makeup artist is a story of transformation and perseverance. Throughout the season, she showcased her ability to work with everyday objects to create stunning makeup looks. She finished fourth on the show and started her career in the makeup industry as well as social media. After working as an Assistant Manager & Social Media Manager for MAC Cosmetics Inc. for a year, she went on to become the Supervisor & Social Media Manager of The Body Shop.

Currently, she is working as the Social Media Manager for Next Gen Foods, Makers of TiNDLE and Mwah. Her growing Instagram following, which stands at 159K currently, bears testimony to her continued dedication to the world of makeup artistry. But her talents don’t stop there as she also wears the hats of a model and a DJ, showing her versatility in different creative domains. She is working as a DJ under the name of Empty Alien, where she is known for her pop-punk, nu-metal/regular metal, emo, and ska mixes.

Furthermore, she has been modeling as well and closed out the London Queer Fashion Show for Patrick McDowell. Hannah has been volunteering as a store assistant for Pride in London, where she helps provide information about Pride London to customers and spreads awareness. In November 2022, she was nominated for the Best Eco Influencer award by the National Social Media Awards.

Where is Berny Ferr Now?

Berny Ferr is an aspiring makeup artist and creative director who competed on the show with a vision to make his mark in the makeup industry. Although he finished in fifth place, his creative talent paved the way for a promising career. One of his standout achievements post-show has been gracing the cover page of Gay Times magazine. He has also collaborated with renowned publications like Dazed and Wonderland, contributing his makeup artistry to their pages.

With a cat named Totoro and Yuffie by his side, Berny has been actively sharing his creative endeavors on Instagram with his 42.4K followers. He has had features in Attitude Magazine, BRICKS Magazine, Rollercoaster Magazine, ItsNiceThat, and DazedBeauty. He also worked on a fundraiser for Ukraine through multiple collaborations. Tragically, Berny faced a personal loss in 2022 when his father passed away from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer after a year-long battle.

Where is Brandon Gaunt Now?

Known for his bold and colorful makeup, Brandon Gaunt is a hairstylist and cosmetics artist based in Lonon who made a significant impression during his stint on ‘Glow Up.’ His Instagram page, which boasts over 38.5K followers, is a testament to his intricate yet carefree makeup style. Some of his other endeavors include working on season 3 of the BBC show ‘Jerk’ and doing makeup for Aisling Bea from the show ‘This Way Up.’ In July 2023, he had the honor of recreating the hair on some of the infamous portraits in history for the opening of the National Portrait Gallery. Currently, he is working as a Retail Artist for MAC Cosmetics.

Where is Jake Oakley Now?

Jake Oakley was another standout contestant from season 2 of ‘Glow Up,’ who brought his unique perspective to the competition. Apart from his makeup artistry skills, his background as a licensed lash technician also set him apart. He already had an impressive resume before he appeared on the season, as he had worked with renowned brands such as Mac, Smashbox, and Urban Decay.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, Jake used his entrepreneurial spirit and creative skills to craft and sell strip lashes. However, he seems to have gone off the public sphere since mid-2022, following his announcement that he was accepting bookings for his lashes. Though Jake has not been that active on any social media platforms lately, we believe he has continued to pursue makeup artistry and is soaring new heights.

Where is Keziah Joy Saunders Now?

Keziah Joy Saunders captured the hearts of the show’s audience with her undeniable passion for makeup artistry. Despite facing mental health challenges that led her to leave the commitment, her commitment to her craft never wavered. A full-time student and makeup artist, Keziah didn’t let her departure define her journey and continued to create captivating looks for her massive following of 266K Instagram followers. Beyond her professional journey, her personal life has also garnered attention from her fans as she began dating Josh Beattie.

Where is Shanice Croasdaile Now?

Leaving her office job behind after the birth of her daughter, Shabice Croasdaile stepped into the world of makeup artistry. Her appearance on the show was not only her personal journey but also a message to her daughter to pursue her aspirations no matter what. Through her social media, she has continued showcasing her versatility in makeup styles and her ability to effortlessly transition between natural and dramatic looks. She also mentioned that she was working on a few projects, but it hasn’t been clear what these are.

Since the show ended, she has been using her platform to engage her 18.2K followers with relatable content surrounding beauty, lifestyle, mental health, and empowerment. Other than that, she also worked on the reopening promotional for the National Portrait Gallery, the end of the road UK tour promo for the band KISS, and season 3 of the TV show ‘Jerk.’

Where is Ashley H. Mac Now?

Ashley H. Mac is a beauty artist from Scotland who entered season 2 of ‘Glow Up’ in hopes of working as a makeup artist for films or TV shows. Although her journey ended in the first week itself, her unique vision and aesthetic sensibility were clear to everyone. After the show, she continued working as a makeup artist and posting on Instagram to showcase the ideas she brings to life to her 17.9K followers. Moreover, she has secured the role of the supervisor of the wig department for a Scottish live production. Ashley also had the honor of working alongside Jacquetta, a makeup and hair designer, for eight months. Currently, she holds the position of Head of Makeup/Prosthetics for Shrek the Musical Theatrical Productions, UK.

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