Where Are Gordon Machek, Eddie Perez, and Jim Johnson Now?

The mysterious case of the disappearance of Gordon Machek was covered in Fox’s ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and easily captured the attention of the viewers. The story is covered in episode 5 of season 2 of the show’s rebooted version, titled ‘Georgia’s Biggest Drug Ring’ and revolves around three men — Gordon Machek, Eddie Perez, and Jim Johnson. When the former disappeared, and Johnson frantically searched for his partner, the results impacted Perez in a manner that seemed almost undeniable. Naturally, people have become quite inquisitive about the possible whereabouts of the three major parties of the case.

Gordon Machek’s Disappearance is Suspected Fatal

Gordon George Machek is the man whose seemingly tragic fate is the central conflict of this case. The 55-year-old was in a relationship with Jim Johnson and had retired from his position at Chrysler as an artist and stylist. As it turns out, he and Johnson had actually been in the process of making their dream home in Tampa, Florida, while they had still been living in Farmington Hills, Michigan. In fact, on October 19, 2001, Johnson had apparently traveled to Tampa in order to check on their home.

Things seemed alright on October 20 when Gordon called Johnson to let him know that he had plans to spend the day with Edgardo “Eddie” Perez, a 19-year-old friend he had apparently met at the gym. However, the very next day, Johnson was unable to contact his partner. October 22 took an even weirder turn when Johnson was contacted about an unusual credit card transaction on Gordon’s card in Mexico.

Highly concerned, Johnson requested his neighbor and friend, Sue Macri, to check on Gordon, only to learn that the then-55-year-old was missing. Further inspection revealed that Gordon’s crucial eye medication was still in the fridge, and certain items were missing. When the police searched Gordon and Johnson’s home more thoroughly, they found various drag marks and bloodstains. The investigators claimed that this probably meant that Gordon had been killed, likely by Perez. However, the remains of the beloved son of Rose Machek née Victoryn and George Machek have not been discovered to date.

Eddie Perez is Still On the Run From the Law

Edgardo “Eddie” Perez is the prime suspect behind the 2001 disappearance of Gordon Machek from Farmington Hills, Michigan. This is because he was likely the last person to have apparently been with Gordon prior to his disappearance. Upon further investigation, the authorities found a pattern in Perez’s past, which indicated that he was in the habit of targeting “older gay men.” He allegedly also called Gordon’s stockbroker after his disappearance, trying to impersonate him, though the attempt was unsuccessful.

Image Credit: Investigation Discovery

Reportedly, Perez had used Gordon’s credit card to book a flight from Detroit, Michigan, to San Diego, California. Footage showcases him arriving at the latter airport, after which he is believed to have crossed the border to Mexico. The last purchase made on Gordon’s card was a hotel room booking in Tijuana, Mexico, but when the authorities tried to locate Perez using the information, it didn’t bore any fruit. The last video evidence of Perez was apparently of him holding a man’s hand in Mexico shortly after he arrived in the country. As of writing, Eddie is 41 years old and yet to be found. He has connections in the states of Michigan and Indiana, though his last known location remains Tijuana, Mexico.

Jim Johnson Passed Away Without Receiving a Closure

The disappearance of Gordon Machek certainly had a devastating impact on Jim Johnson. The two had fallen in love with each other at a time when the stigma against same-sex relationships made it hard for many to express their affection fully. However, Gordon and Johnson built a life with each other on the foundation of love and made many friends over the years who mourn the fate that befell the couple. It had been Johnson who pieced together the clues within his home that indicated that Gordon’s disappearance may have had fatal consequences.

The loss was a huge one for him, given that he and Gordon had been together for over 25 years. This only served to make Johnson’s own death in 2005 even more tragic. His passing came about due to a stroke, and he continues to be mourned by many. In particular, Victor and Sue Marci, who were neighbors to the two men and good friends, have continued to fight for them. They are the ones who appeared on the Fox show and talked about the life of Gordon Machek and Jim Johnson.

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