Goyo: All Locations Where the Netflix Movie Was Filmed

Netflix’s ‘Goyo’ follows the titular museum guide as he develops an unlikely romance with a new security guard despite their considerable setbacks. Directed by Marcos Carnevale, the Spanish-language film takes us to the City of Buenos Aires in Argentina, where Goyo, who has Asperger’s, spends his strictly structured days working at the Museum of Fine Arts. His monotonous life is turned upside down when a new security guard, Eva, joins the museum team. The two bond over their shared love of art, especially Van Gogh, and Goyo begins to fall in love. However, Eva has lost her will to love following a crisis in her marriage. As they traverse through the vibrant cityscape and spend time at the museum, the romantic drama treats us to a range of eclectic backdrops that incite curiosity.

Goyo Filming Locations

The film’s cast and crew seemed to have really enjoyed the production process, with Carnevale seen joking around as they neared the final day of shooting. Principal photography began in late October 2023 and was wrapped in about two months by December 22 of the same year. Actress Maria Schauer was one of the cast members who took to social media to express that she loved her journey working on the sensitive and beautiful film, thanking Carnevale.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The cosmopolitan capital city of Argentina became the perfect filming location for ‘Goyo’ as the production team explored its diverse urban environments. The city’s cultural heritage, grand architecture, and vibrant nightlife all contribute to the romantic allure of the movie. The primary shooting location for the movie was the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, where the characters are shown to work as their romance develops. Situated near the port at Avenida del Libertador 1473, the fine arts museum has a vast collection of works dating back to the third century B.C. and spanning multiple contents. It was founded in 1895 and moved through various locations and has become a prominent tourist attraction in the city.

When it came to creating the posh settings seen in the film, the team ventured to the Círculo Militar social club located at Av. Sta. Fe 750. Its headquarters, the Palacio Paz, is considered one of the most elegant architectural structures in the city, and its grand facade stands out as a landmark. Originally founded as a mansion for the Paz family, the French-style palace reaches the peaks of regal elegance with its intricate marble work, opulent interiors, mosaic floors, and real gold-gilded salons.

The historical property is seen when characters attend a grand party with a classical music ensemble playing in the background. The palace serves as a hotel located at the heart of the city. It also houses the National Museum of Armaments, which contains the country’s richest artifacts relating to military history. They range from the armor worn by Byzantine Emperor Comnenus to weapons like the Mauser rifle used in the Argentine War of Independence.

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