Are YouTubers Grace Bosstick and Zeus Marsh Still Together?

Often, what a person showcases in front of the world is not the whole story. The same holds, especially for the online couples who exhibit great love that comes crashing down within months. Another addition to this saddening list is Grace and Zeus, who amassed thousands of fans since launching their YouTube channel with the video, ‘OUR FIRST HIKING VLOG!!’ The pair had experienced countless “firsts” with each other like buying a new car and adopting a dog, during the year and a half they had been together.

Their massive followers have adored the couples’ challenges and prank videos that the two posted regularly on their social media accounts. But like many other young celebrities, they also faced numerous hiccups in their growth process while being with each other. So, did they let it ruin their beautifully built relationship or treated it as just another bump in the road?

Grace and Zeus: TikTok and YouTube Journey

Grace and Zeus’ video ‘PERIOD PRANK ON BOYFRIEND!!’ picked up steam in 2019, and the two became YouTube sensations in no time. The two told their followers how they first connected through an international dating app, Tinder, in an upload titled, ‘Using TINDER In Front Of My GIRLFRIEND (we met on there!)’ Zeus cannot restrain gushing over how lucky he felt to have found his beau. By posting entertaining vlogs and videos, the pair garnered a dedicated fanbase of over 1 million on TikTok and more than 493K subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Various pranks that Grace Bosstick and Zeus Marsh played on each other and their friends gained unprecedented popularity. The adorable ‘couple dances’ and ‘make-up tutorials’ have also been a hit. Their viewers loved the fact that Grace and Zeus published most of their content in collaboration. They always worked as a team instead of focusing on their independent social media accounts. But does it mean there could not have been any trouble in their paradise?

Are Grace and Zeus Still Together?

Fans had started to suspect some problem between the hit couple due to their decreasing online presence. To the utter disappointment of their well-wishers, Grace and Zeus announced their decision to call it quits on YouTube. They posted a two-part video on September 30, 2020, pouring their hearts out about the reasons behind their mutual split. Titled, “We Broke Up,” the duo confessed their failure to keep one another happy.

Both seemed puffy-eyed and under-slept while trying to express the amount of work that went into making the relationship work. They also mentioned an absence of a “definite reason” behind taking this difficult step but pointed out that they had both been frustrated for a long time. While the fans continue to give them immense love and support, they are disheartened by the news. The depth of their dismay can be understood from the backlash the TikTokers received after they uploaded a picture with someone else as a joke, claiming them to be their new partners.

But most followers did not recall that the posts were only snapshots from a video, ‘It’s time… meet my new boyfriend’ that their fellow YouTubers Andrea and Zeus had uploaded on August 13, 2020. While attempting to keep their spirits up, the former lovers are having difficulty processing the separation. Nevertheless, Zeus still loves his now ex-girlfriend “to death” and even encouraged her decision to move into an apartment of her own.

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