Grace and Daniella: 007 Road to a Million Contestants Are Now Radio Presenters

‘007: Road to a Million’ follows the journey of nine pairs of contestants as they embark on a globetrotting journey to win a cash prize of £1,000,000. Encountering the unimaginable, the individuals set out on an adventure across land, sea, and air to solve challenges and answer quizzes to get to the top spot in the reality game series. As they follow the directions of controller Brian Cox, they find that claiming the prize may not be as easy. Seeing Grace and Daniella’s endless strive in the series, fans have continued to wonder about their latest whereabouts.

Grace and Daniella’s 007: Road to a Million Journey

Given the whopping cash prize at stake, Grace and Daniella tried to win the show at all costs. Despite having zero clues to facilitate their search across land, water, and air, the two friends didn’t relent in the trying journey of the season. From venturing out into the Scottish Highlands to jetting off to another country, Grace and Daniella had hoped to win the top spot at any cost. Even when their journey was difficult, the television personalities did not relent. Navigating the undulated terrain of Scotland and retrieving the briefcase from an undisclosed location was just one of the many feats that the women took cumulatively.

They later solved yet another hurdle in Scotland and managed to win a chance to compete further. For this purpose, the two friends traveled to Venice. However, securing a package in the picturesque city wasn’t as easy as they anticipated. The duo had to navigate secret passages and climb a slanted roof with no protection gear. Alas, their journey on the show came to an end when they couldn’t guess the correct number of tourists who frequent St. Mark’s Square every year. While saddened by the fact that their journey was cut short in Venice, the two friends cheered each other and left the competition in high spirits since they reached Level 4 and won £25,000.

Where are Grace and Daniella Now?

Since displaying their dedication to winning in the Amazon Prime series, Grace and Daniella have continued to map the road to success. Having met each other more than a decade ago, the two friends have been with each other through it all. Grace and Daniella had chanced upon one another whilst working at Capital Radio in Glasgow. Their bond was first solidified when they were handing out leaflets in cold shopping centers and driving around as runners for the station.

Over time, Grace and Daniella’s friendship has evolved, and the women have even earned professional and personal success. The duo are now acclaimed radio presenters and continue to succeed on their individual paths. Daniella is currently a Freelancer Radio Presenter with ads and content on Capital FM, Creative Loop, BBC Radio 1, Clyde 1, MTV, Channel 4 and Heart. She is also an Announcer Director for BBC and does Voice Over for BBC Sounds. In the past, the television personality was even a Tour Guide for BBC in Glasgow. Besides work, Daniella likes to share life’s newest adventures with her friends and close ones. The reality star regularly takes to her Instagram and TikTok accounts to share the latest updates on her life.

Similarly, Grace has also climbed the ladder of success and retains her monopoly as an announcer and presenter. The television personality even has a morning breakfast show. When she’s not working with Channel 4 on ‘Continuity,’ she can be heard on Heart Scotland on the weekends. Besides sharing a prolific resume, the reality star also enjoys life on other counts. When Grace is not busy with work and commitments, she likes to unwind with her partner, David Miele. In addition to attending functions and special occasions, the duo likes to share snippets of their relationship on Instagram regularly. So, even though Grace and Daniella couldn’t get the cash prize, it is apparent that several milestones still await the two friends.

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