Grant and Lynsey Cumings From HGTV: All We Know About the Duo

Image Credits: HGTV

In the latest iteration of HGTV’s renovation show genre, ‘Renovation Wild’ follows resort owners Grant and Lynsey Cumings as they take it upon themselves to renovate their jungle resort spread across acres. As the duo takes upon the behemoth task of renovation in the wilderness of Africa, the show doesn’t just encapsulate the challenges that follow from renovation and construction but also showcases how the palpable African heat and pesky pests make the task more difficult.

Set in the Lower Zambezi National Park, the reality television show follows the duo pairing up with their children and the resort’s team to transform the site. While the challenges set forth by nature and technicalities add a fascinating element to the show, owners Grant and Lynsey Cumings have been equally intriguing. So, if you also want to learn more about the entertainment stars, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Zambia’s Hospitality Icons: Grant and Lynsey

Renowned for pioneering safaris in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park and hosting one of Africa’s finest safari operations, the Cumings family have accrued praise for their hospitality and ingenuine knowledge of the land and animals. Born in Zambia, Grant Cumings owns the site with his wife, Lynsey Cumings.

When Grant Cumings’ parents came to Northern Rhodesia in 1962 on their honeymoon, they fell in love with the place. Consequently, the family embarked on a journey to make Zambia their roots. The family finally established the Chiawa Safari and Old Mondoro Camps in 1989.

While Grant Cumings’ parents took the lead in solidifying the family’s roots in the wild, Grant was earning a business degree in the United States. Now the co-owner of the operations, Lynsey Cumings holds a degree in Hospital Management. The couple took over the operations of the resort after the passing of Grant’s parents.

Grant and Lynsey Cumings’ Profession

Before working full-time and looking over Chiawa Safari and allied operations, Lynsey Cumings had worked with Marriott Hotels and even British Airways. On the other hand, Grant had been born into the wilderness of Zambia and spent most of his childhood exploring nature’s endless bounty. Over time, the family converted their establishment into one of the most sought-after sites for safari aficionados to visit in the Lower Zambezi National Park area.

Before he took full control over the operations, Grant Cumings had also served as an Honorary Wildlife Officer, a Trustee, a board member, and even the Chairman of the Conservation Lower Zambezi Association. With his extensive knowledge of business and passion for the wilderness, Grant Cumings was able to establish a robust guide training program and even honed the examinations and code of conduct of the Old Mondoro and Chiawa Camp.

The family did not just establish Lower Zambezi National Park as a tourism destination but also ensured that poachers were no longer present on the premises. In addition to eviscerating animal poaching, Grant Cumings and Lynsey Cumings have also established responsible practices that protect the natural habitats of animals.

Together, Grant and Lynsey Cumings opened their first safari camp, created tiger fishing, ensured anti-poaching and pushed conservation exponentially. Today, their efforts are beloved by tourists across the globe. Naturally, their ability to ensure a captivating tourist experience has made their work and life so engrossing on HGTV’s ‘Renovation Wild.’

Lower Zambezi: Grant and Lynsey’s Love Origin

With decades of business experience and work dedicated to its growth, Grant and Lynsey Cumings have transformed the Chiawa Camp to another level. In addition to the Lower Zambezi National Park becoming the center of the Cumings’ flourishing business, it was also the site where Grant and Lynsey Cumings first met. Lynsey Cumings had ventured into the Chiawa Camp in the early 1990s as a guest. However, as fate had it, the couple soon connected, and it wasn’t long before the two got married.

As such, the Chiawa camp hasn’t just been a labor of love for the couple but also the place where it all began. Grant Cumings and Lynsey Cumings have dedicated a better part of their lives to the Chiawa Camp and contributed to the vivacious aesthetics of the wilderness in hopes of keeping the environment sustainable. Along with their staff, Grant and Lynsey Cumings have fascinated many with their commitment and dedication to their work. Naturally, we continue to wish the couple the very best for years to come.

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