Is Ronnie Mathis Dead? Did Grantham Coleman Leave Power Book III: Raising Kanan?

Ronnie Mathis’ efforts to become the new lord of Queens’ drug scene get challenged by Raquel “Raq” Thomas’ decision to re-enter the “game” in Starz’s crime drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan.’ In the third season finale, Ronnie sets out to eliminate her threat once and for all, only to fail. The men he sends to kill Raq fail to put a bullet in her. The incident provokes Kanan, her son. Still, he teams up with Ronnie to fake his kidnapping to convince Raq to procure $500,000 to retrieve her son. What Ronnie doesn’t realize is that he has already committed a fatal mistake by then! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Kanan Kills Ronnie

Ronnie and Kanan team up as business partners right after the former starts selling drugs. Since Ronnie has several veteran contacts in the drug scene who can help him achieve new heights, Kanan tolerates him. However, the ex-convict crosses a line when he tries to kill Raq, Kanan’s mother. It is true that the young man’s relationship with his mother is at its worst state and that he wants to prove her wrong and remain independent by selling drugs. Having said that, Kanan still loves his mother dearly. They may have several differences concerning the way they want to lead their lives and the decisions have been making for themselves and one another. It doesn’t mean that Kanan doesn’t love her.

When Ronnie sets out to kill Raq, Kanan realizes that the former has grown like a cancer in his and his mother’s lives, which convinces him to decide to murder him. He makes an elaborate plan to execute his wish and the fake kidnapping is only just a part of his grand scheme. Kanan wants the kidnapping so that he can isolate Ronnie in the presence of his mother and display his loyalty towards her by killing him. Ronnie makes a mistake by blindly trusting Kanan’s words even after he attempts to kill Raq. If there’s one thing that doesn’t change about her family, it is that they do not backstab one another.

When Kanan expresses that he wants to trick his mother Raq and rob her, Ronnie believes him without realizing that neither the former nor the Thomas siblings are betrayers. By killing Ronnie, Kanan proclaims that he is a man enough to safeguard his mother in time of need. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Kanan and Raq reconcile and the latter appoint her son as her new general. Ronnie’s murder must have been conceived to display how ruthless Kanan has become as he shoots the former down without any fear or hesitation.

Grantham Coleman’s Departure From Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Even though neither Starz nor Grantham Coleman announced the actor’s exit from ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan,’ Ronnie’s death indicates that we most likely have seen the last of Coleman in the crime drama. Despite appearing in all ten episodes of season 3, Ronnie is a supporting character in Kanan’s storyline. The writers must have conceived him as an integral part of Kanan’s growth from a boy to a man. With the help of Ronnie, Kanan becomes a new key player in the drug scene of Queens. By killing the ex-convict, Kanan makes it evident that he has become a man now.

As Kanan completes his journey from boyhood to manhood, Ronnie’s importance and arc come to a conclusion, which explains Coleman’s possible exit from the crime drama. Since there aren’t any chances of Ronnie staying alive after getting shot in the head in point-blank range, we may not need to expect Coleman to return to the already-announced fourth season. Although his screen presence will be missed in the show, ardent admirers of the actor can await his performance in MGM+’s upcoming mystery crime series ‘Emperor of Ocean Park.’

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