Great British Bake Off’s Chigs Parmar: Everything We Know

Image Credit: Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions

Will Chirag Parmar AKA Chigs Parmar amazed judges and fans alike with his delicious creations on ‘The Great British Bake Off.’ His talent saw him get the better of most contestants until he was bested in the finale by Giuseppe Dell’Anno. However, he still managed to win the hearts of fans who have been curious to know more about the reality TV personality. Well, fret not because here’s everything we know about Chigs Parmar.

Chigs Parmar’s Age and Background

Chigs prefers privacy when it comes to his family and hasn’t revealed the names of his parents. But his social media posts show how close he is to his loved ones. The 40-year-old has maintained an incredible bond with his family and even credited his mother for his ‘GBBO’ success. In a post he shared on Instagram, he wrote, “Thank you so much for being my rock. It’s because of you, I am the man I am today. Love you loads.” Unfortunately, Chigs’ father passed away at a young age, leaving him deeply affected. The reality star even dedicated a lovely tribute to his late father after the season 12 finale.

Surprisingly, Chigs only started baking during the COVID-19 lockdown and quickly fell in love with it. His family and friends noticed his talents and encouraged him to bake more. That made the reality star search up complicated recipes online before recreating them in his kitchen. Gradually, he got the hang of the art and earned himself a spot on the twelfth edition of ‘The Great British Bake Off.’

Chigs Parmar’s Professional Life

Unfortunately, with Chigs keeping his life away from the public eye, not much is known about his professional life. He belongs to the city of Leicester in the United Kingdom and, according to reports, is employed as a sales manager. But he had to put his job on hold when the chance to participate in ‘The Great British Bake Off’ came along. Although his profession is quite time-consuming, Chigs still seems to manage and find time to indulge in other hobbies and travel extensively.

Chigs Parmar’s Dating Life

Although Chigs has often shared pictures of his family and especially his nephew, his social media accounts have no mention of a significant other. Moreover, the reality TV personality hasn’t discussed this aspect of his life in any of the interviews he was a part of. Thus, with no information on Chigs Parmar’s dating life, his current relationship status remains unclear. Nevertheless, he appears to get a lot of attention for his good looks! But as things stand, it seems that Chigs is happy to spend time with his family and explore his varied interests.

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