Where Is Greg Kelley’s Family Now?

Showtime’s five-part docuseries ‘Outcry’ details and investigates Greg Kelley’s, a former high school athlete’s, controversial 2014 conviction for the aggravated sexual assault of a four-year-old child, and his long journey towards exoneration. In 2013, Greg was living a seemingly perfect life, he was a star football player, he had a future at the University of Texas, San Antonio, and he was involved in a steady relationship with Gaebri Anderson. But, this all changed that Ju

Almost as if out of thin air, Greg was accused, arrested, and charged for sexually assaulting children in an at-home daycare center run by his friend’s, Johnathan McCarty’s, mother. And so, for the next 5 years, his family worked day and night to garner support for him and to get the judicial system to hear his claims of innocence. These people became the face of his rally.

Who Is Greg Kelley’s Family?

Shortly before Greg was arrested, he was living at the McCarty’s home because both his parents were suffering from medical emergencies. While his father was hospitalized because of a stroke, his mother was struggling with a brain tumor, and so, because his siblings, couldn’t help out at that time, Greg moved in with Johnathan McCarty. It was because of this move that the dominoes started falling in the first place.

Growing up in Leander, Cedar Park, an affluent suburban town just outside of Austin, Texas, Greg and his 5 siblings – 4 brothers and 1 sister – were all raised by Rosa and Douglas Kelley Sr. Rosa had moved from Guatemala City, Guatemala, to ensure that her children would be safe and would have a bright future ahead of them. But, what really happened, she never could have imagined. Rosa had two of these 6 children from a previous marriage, but, when her husband, Carlos, passed away, Douglas took them in and raised them all as his own.

We, unfortunately, do not know all the names of Kelley clan, but what we do know is that Greg’s sister is named Lisa, and two out of his four bothers are Douglas and Johnathan Kelley.

During Greg’s entire trial and eventual conviction, he maintained his innocence, and even his family members kept vocalizing the same thing. They stood by Greg when he was incarcerated, they stood by him while he was appealing for a new trial, and they stood by him when he was released from prison on bond. But, it was when he was finally exonerated towards the end of 2019 that they were all able to breathe freely again.

Where Is Greg Kelley’s Family Today?

Unfortunately, Greg’s father passed away five months before Greg was officially exonerated. But, at the city council, during his hearing, all his other family members were there to support him. After that, though, Greg was obviously extremely emotional. He remembered his father and was glad that he was outside to say goodbye to him and be present at his funeral, but, on the other hand, it was also breaking him inside that he couldn’t be present with him during his last few years.

Through tears, Greg even talked about being there during his last moments and the conversation that they had: “He told me, ‘Go and be whoever you want to be, Greg. This is all going to be behind you, man, and you’re going to be free,’ and I said, ‘You know, dad, I will. I’ll do it.'”

He still has his mother and siblings, though, along with a wife and two sisters-in-law as well. Douglas Kelley, the owner and founder of Kelley Roofing & Restoration, married his college girlfriend, Selena in December of 2019, just a month before Greg married Gaebri. While Douglas lives in Houston, Texas, their mother, Rosa Kelley resides in Austin, close to where Greg is going to school right now. Even Jonathan Kelly and his wife Jaszmine reside in Austin, Texas.

The family is extremely close to each other, especially after all that happened, and now, they are just looking forward to living their lives – not by forgetting their past, but, by at least moving on from the pain and the hurt of it.

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