Guillaume Patry: Where is The Devil’s Plan Contestant Now?

Image Credit: Guillaume Party/Instagram

A compelling twist of mind and ken comes to the fore in Netflix’s ‘The Devil’s Plan.’ The South Korean game series chronicles the journey of twelve participants as they compete in a series of intellectual challenges. Bereft of hints and help, the contestants are held up in a house for seven days as they race to win the whopping cash prize of 500 million won. The reality television show features Guillaume Patry. Fans have been curious to know more about the television personality since the show’s inception. So, if you’re also curious to know the same, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Guillaume Patry’s Age and Background

With an array of experiences that influenced his childhood, Guillaume managed to gain an intersectional understanding of a myriad of subjects. Born on June 19, 1982, the Canadian native earned his relevant education and decided to kickstart his career in his field of interest. Based in South Korea, the 41-year-old decided to embark on a journey full of challenges and opportunities.

Guillaume Patry’s Profession

In tune with his interests and experiences, Guillaume quickly realized where he wished to channel his strengths. By 1999, the Quebec City native dominated the world of games and rose to the forefront with his proficient excellence. Having been crowned the StarCraft world champion before the millennium, he quickly came to dominate the world of gaming. Albeit his success as an emerging gamer, Guillaum hoped to exponentiate his abilities and gain a bigger platform to display his acumen. Consequently, he relocated to South Korea and began his journey as a Protoss player. For years, Guillaume’s alias “Grrrr…” managed to pioneer numerous strategies and solidify his position in the field. It wasn’t long before he was crowned the Hanaro OSL.

Having won the first OSL in history, he became the first foreign international to be added to the South Korean StarCraft Hall of Fame. While his depreciating performance led to an early retirement in 2004, things had just begun for the television personality. Channeling his wit and intellectual prowess, Guillaume decided to become a poker player. Later, he joined hands with Bertrand Grospellier to work as a pro poker player. Besides this, he also kickstarted his journey in entertainment. After he appeared as a panelist on the South Korean talk show, ‘Non-Summit,’ Guillaume realized his abilities in front of the camera. Subsequently, he kickstarted his career in entertainment and began appearing in other branches of variety shows.

He consistently rose to success as he became a familiar face on entertainment shows. Over the years, he has appeared in the variety travel show, ‘Where Is My Friend’s Home,’ ‘Begin a Game,’ and ‘Schoolgirl Detectives.’ Not just this, Guillaume also signed a contract with JTBC, a premiere television network in South Korea, in 2015. With his appearance on television, Guillaume also became known for his intelligence and ability to apply strategies to a number of situations. Besides displaying his quick thinking and abilities on Netflix’s ‘The Devil’s Plan,’ Guillaume is also a part of a YouTube show. Along with his co-hosts, the television personality is a part of Wine Brothers, where they divulge into the intricacies of food and wine pairings as experienced sommeliers.

Is Guillaume Patry Married? Does He Have Kids?

Aside from his booming career, Guillaume also enjoys domestic bliss. The television personality met his wife, Eugene, before the pandemic struck. Having realized their deep affection for one another, the couple took a plunge and decided to tie the knot. The duo announced their engagement in November 2020 and revealed that they’d tie the knot once the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.

Finally, on April 15th, Guillaume and his wife tied the knot with several of their friends and family members in their presence. More happy news followed for the couple when they welcomed their daughter, Lea Patry, into this world. Since the birth of their newborn, the couple has remained busy with the care and upbringing of their child. Despite tending to the needs of an infant, Guillaume and his wife still take time out for each other and love to discover places as a family. Naturally, we await all the professional and personal milestones that await Guillaume Patry!

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