Is The Devil’s Plan Scripted or Real?

A tantalizing journey of mind and wit sets afoot in Netflix’s ‘The Devil’s Plan.’ Created by Jung Jong-Yeon, the series features twelve participants who are challenged to push the horizons of their knowledge to solve intellectual challenges. Cut off from the world for seven days, the competitors are held up in a house where they must live together and await the next eliminative cerebral trial.

With a whopping prize of 500 million won on the line, the South Korean Netflix game series features the relentless pursuit of the top spot. The show provides a compelling narrative that has led fans to question its authenticity.

Is The Devil’s Plan Scripted?

With a riveting storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, the showrunners of the series devise a streak of intellectually challenging games. The premise of the show is that twelve contestants go head to head to win the top prize. However, the players do not just use their ken to fend off elimination. In lieu, bribes, offers, and alliances are vehement throughout the season. Consequently, this raises suspicion in the minds of the viewers, who might infer whether the producers nudge these storylines. Interestingly, the game show is not scripted.

Like other reality series, ‘The Devil’s Plan’ also features confessional interviews to let the audience peek into the mindset of the contestants. This approach clarifies that the contestants are consciously planning each and every move inside the house. From dallying in partnerships to deciding who to side with, the series features a survival game that centers on the power of the mind. Moreover, ‘The Devil’s Plan’ features a series of convoluted games that are conceived to test the intelligence, abilities, and sometimes, even luck of the contestants. For example, the participants have to answer questions to mind-bending quizzes, leave their fate up to the roll of the die and even deceive each other to win challenges.

Naturally, facilitating the moves of twelve individuals is almost inconceivable. While mind games occupy the contestants for the better part of their stay in the house, the contestants also bond and get to know one another on a friendly basis. A glimpse of their friendship comes to the fore whenever someone is facing a hard time due to their performance in the house. So even though the participants try to scheme and win against each other, their camaraderie makes them feel heavy-hearted at each corner.

Consequently, the series provides a mixture of drama, thrill, and edgy situations that coalesce to deliver the perfect combination of human disposition. Taking the aforementioned factors into consideration, it is safe to say that ‘The Devil’s Plan’ is not a scripted show. Albeit its vivid and thrilling themes, it is unlikely that the situations are manipulated to deliver the final product. As such, viewers need not worry about the veracity of the Netflix game series. This means that the show falls within the reality meter.

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