Do Gus and Wendy End Up Together in Sweet Tooth?

Image Credit: Matt Klitscher/Netflix

After a long and trying journey, Netflix’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ brings Gus’ journey to a fitting end with its third and final season, where all the questions about the Sick and the Hybrid are answered, along with the fate of humankind. The search for these answers leads Gus, Wendy, and their friends to Alaska, where Gus finally reunites with his mother, Birdie, and takes decisive steps that seal the fate of the hybrids and humans. While some things are gained, a lot is lost, especially for Gus, who loses the people closest to him. Luckily, Wendy isn’t one of them. SPOILERS AHEAD

Gus and Wendy Live a Long and Fulfilling Life

The story of Gus is told to the audience by a narrator. His is the first voice we hear, the one who tells us about the fate that befell the world and how the arrival of the hybrids changed everything. The presence of this seemingly omniscient narrator establishes the fact that the entire story is being told in retrospect. It has already happened, and the narrator must have been a part of the story to have known it so intimately. It isn’t until the finale of Season 3 that the identity of the narrator is revealed, and it turns out to be Gus himself.

After all is said and done in Alaska, a montage shows what happens to Gus and the rest of the hybrids. With the tree in the cave gone for good, the Sick disappearing off the face of the Earth, and humans realizing that they have come to the end of the line and must spend the rest of their days in peace and harmony, it becomes clear that the Earth is the Hybrids’ to inherit. Nature has given its verdict, which means that humans will be eradicated when the last of them dies. Fortunately, with the Sick gone, the remaining humans can live the rest of their days in peace.

As for the hybrids, this means the beginning of something new. Gus and his friends are the first generation of hybrids, and they must define what the future generations will be like. They must stick to how nature intended them to be. They nurture their relationship with nature and wildlife rather than considering themselves superior, exploiting the natural resources and endangering the animals. This is the world they want to live in, and the foundation of it is laid in Yellowstone, in the house where Gus grew up.

Image Credit: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix

Following the events of Alaska, Gus and Wendy return to his home. They rebuild it with the help of other hybrids, and with the threat of the humans completely out of the picture, they don’t have to worry about getting attacked, captured, or killed anymore. They can have the life they want, and this is what he and Wendy built in their house. Having been through so much together at such a young age, Gus and Wendy have formed a bond that only strengthens with time. They are also the natural leaders of their group, and this further ties them together.

The friendship of young age turns into something more when they grow up. Sharing the same values makes it easier for them to fall in love if they hadn’t already, and they build a family together. With the last of the humans (Becky in their case) dying, Gus and Wendy are surrounded only by hybrids, and they instill the same values in their kids and their grandkids, which they’d received from their own parents and guardians. In the final scene, as we see the future of the hybrids play out in front of us, we find Gus and Wendy gravitating towards each other. When Gus is revealed to be the narrator of the story of ‘Sweet Tooth,’ Wendy is by his side. They have grown old together, living their life to the fullest, surrounded by their loved ones, which is all that they wanted to begin with.

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