Hailey Druek: Serving the Hamptons Star Keeps Her Personal Life Private

First premiered in 2022 on Discovery+, ‘Serving the Hamptons’ is a reality series that follows the competent staff at Zach Erdem’s 75 Main, a high-end restaurant that has been catering to a celebrity clientele since its opening in 2010. It covers the personal and professional lives of the staff even as they handle drama, emotions, and all sorts of rules and regulations to ensure the guests keep coming back. Hailey Druek is one of the waitresses at 75 Main. She, along with the other members of the staff, all reside in the gorgeous Hamptons beach house and showcase their intriguing lives on camera.

Hailey Druek is Deeply Connected to Her Familial Roots

Hailey Caroline Druek was born in December 1999 to Jeff Druek and Dianne Trodden Druek of Westhampton in Southampton in Suffolk County, New York. She was raised in the Big Apple alongside a supportive sister. The siblings share a very close bond and often pose goofy snaps together. She completed her schooling at Westhampton Beach High School and then moved on to get a college degree from Suffolk County Community College in Selden, New York. Having lived her life in the Hamptons, the 24-year-old was no stranger to the luxuries of the place

Hailey is a free-spirited woman who leads life on her own terms. She is also an outdoorsy person and loves to explore exotic destinations around the globe. Having grown up in the charming town of Southampton, Hailey enjoys basking in the warmth of the sun and sand on any beachy paradise every chance she gets. This individual is full of confidence and sass and her affable personality makes heads turn wherever she walks.

Hailey Druek Aspires to Act in a Hollywood Movie

As showcased on the show, Hailey Druek is a server at 75 Main in Southampton. However, not many are aware of her passion. From what we can tell, it appears that the gorgeous woman has always dreamt of becoming an actress. To showcase her acting prowess and hope her dreams of starring in a Hollywood movie bear fruit, she also uploaded her version of ‘My Insidious 2’ audition on her YouTube account 11 years ago! Her fondness for films, in general, can also be seen through the snaps of film dialogues and moments she shares on all of her social media accounts.

Hailey Druek’s Keeps Her Dating Life Away From the Limelight

Hailey Druek’s relationship status is relatively private. She has preferred to stay clear of sharing details about her dating life at present. Her social media activity also does not indicate a special someone, although Hailey does post fun snaps with her friends and family. She shares snaps of her work and is often seen engaging in wholesome and crazy moments with her co-stars, with whom she shares a very intimate bond.

Having said that, Hailey’s romantic life and the details surrounding it remain flogged in an air of mystery. However, Hailey has always been a vocal and active supporter of LGBTQ rights and has actively attended parades in New York with fellow ‘Serving the Hamptons’ cast member Victoria Hilton. She also enjoys doodling in her pastime and shares glimpses of the same in her socials.

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