Jodie Bisasor: Serving the Hamptons Star Keeps Her Dating Life Private

Max’s ‘Serving the Hamptons’ is a reality show with a twist. Season 1, which released in 2022, follows the high-octane emotional and dramatic lives of the high-end restaurant staff at Zach Erdem’s 75 Main as they get invited to stay in a luxurious outhouse in the Hamptons but with a strict set of rules, which are meant to be followed but often broken. Jodie Kay-Bisasor is an actress and model who serves as one of the bartenders of the restaurant and joins the young cast during their lavish stay.

Jodie Bisasor is Originally From Jamaica

Jodie Isha Bisasor was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica, in 1988 and relocated to the USA when she was 12. She is quite close to her brother Sunil, and the siblings are often seen sharing snaps of their outings. In the US, she attended private schooling from middle to high school and went to East Hamptons’ Ross School. Growing up on the east of Long Island, she often attended theatre and improv classes to feed her hunger for the performing arts.

Having an affinity for music, art, and dancing, Jodie enjoyed socializing with people as a youngster, which led her to shift her focus to the same and try to do something with her favorite hobbies. She completed her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Suffolk County Community College and slowly moved her focus to modeling.

Jodie Bisasor Has Worn Many Hats in Her Professional Life

Jodie Bisasor kickstarted her career in April 2009 by serving as a caterer for Tim Burke Productions for over a year. Thereafter, she went on to hold the position of an Event Planner for 230 Elm Street, following it up by working as a  Personal Assistant to a Manhattan-based computer engineer for about a year. In 2013, Jodie founded her own event management company, Exquisite Event’s NY LLC, and has since then been working freelance on it. The bartender’s company helps to plan events of all sizes, all across Manhattan and the Hamptons and ensures customers are able to enjoy end-to-end party solutions.

Jodie’s time and experiences as a model saw her appear in several commercials and modeling assignments for big brands like MTV and L’oreal, as well as in jewelry lookbooks and runway shows. In 2008, she signed up with ModelMayhem and was represented by the modeling agency for a long time. However, as of now, she is tied up with Alicja Burek Modeling Agency. Jodie became the face of Dollhouse jeans in 2019 and also appeared on WNYW Fox 5’s morning show, ‘Good Day New York.’ She was previously a ‘Maxim Magazine’ covergirl contestant. Jodie often shares snippets of her modeling assignments with fans on her socials.

She has been a part of the Richie Rich New York Fashion Week Runway Show for 3 consecutive years — 2017, 2018, and 2019, and also walked for ‘Forever 21 Runway’ in 2018. In September 2022, Jodie was featured in the prestigious ‘Allure Magazine,’ much to her delight and excitement. Having spent a larger portion of her time modeling, she intended to make a career switch and shift her entire focus to her acting. She has been proactively studying for it too. Jodie was also associated with season 6 of ‘The Good Fight.’ Jodie desires to work on a show for Tyler Perry or model for high-end brands like Rihanna’s cosmetic company, Fenty Beauty.

Jodie Bisasor’s Dating Life is a Mystery

As far as the romantic aspect of her life is concerned, it appears that Jodie Bisasor prefers to keep details about her dating life brushed under the carpet and away from the public eye. In the likelihood that she is currently seeing someone, there is no way of learning about it as she seemingly doesn’t like to share information about that part of her life with the world. Though she stays mum on her dating life, Jodie has recently created the YouTube series, ‘The Dating Battle,’ where she calls in special guests on the couch to have a conversation with them about everything surrounding the world of dating.

What we do know is that Jodie has put all her focus into furthering her professional career.  She hopes to become an amalgamation of an influencer, model, and actress and dreams of building her own exclusive empire. Having previously studied art history and holding a penchant for the arts, Jodie has also been focussing on creating abstract art and drawings, glimpses of which she shares with her audience on her social media page by the name kinkyart88.

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