Hailey Holliday: The Alabama Student is Focusing on Her Ambitions Now

Max’s ‘Bama Rush’ chronicles the days leading up to the popular sorority Rush Week at The University of Alabama in 2022. Through the eyes of four students, the documentary captures the preparation needed to be a sorority member and the pressures it brings along. Moreover, it explores what being in a sorority means to each student and how their experiences have shaped their perceptions and decisions. One such Rush Week participant was Hailey Holliday, for whom it was not her first attempt trying for the sorority life. Now, if you’re curious about Hailey’s journey and current whereabouts, we have you covered!

Who is Hailey Holliday?

A resident of Orange Beach, Alabama, Hailey Holliday, appeared in the documentary while participating in Rush Week at The University of Alabama for the second time. According to her, she had almost made it into one of the prestigious sororities on campus. Still, she was immediately disqualified just because she wore the wrong sticker of another sorority. Though saddened that her sorority dream didn’t come true, the freshman student decided to participate in Rush Week again in 2022.

Hailey shared that she worked two jobs at a tanning salon and a nutrition store alongside college. She hopes to work in the government someday, probably as a lawyer, and is trying to figure out how to achieve her goal. While Hailey comes across as a highly social and fun-loving girl, things haven’t been as smooth for her as one should expect. The documentary depicts how she and Makalya underwent a horrific experience when they were roofied (given date rape drugs) by an unknown man at a party.

Hailey then revealed that it was not the first time she had experienced this, as she had been roofied thrice earlier, one instance even ending up in a court case. Thus, she was hesitant to report the matter or press any charges. In addition, though the Orange Beach resident was initially focused on her fitness and was very disciplined, she struggled to balance it with the regular parties that sorority life brings. Around the finals of her freshman year, Hailey confessed to having somewhat of an awakening, realizing she was becoming totally unlike herself and did not wish to follow such a lifestyle anymore.

Not just that, Hailey even faced challenges in her social life, especially when she had a fallout with her close friend, Makalya. According to her, she had learned that the latter had badmouthed her behind her back to other friends. When Makalya stayed mum upon being confronted, the two girls parted ways and began avoiding each other. Gradually, Hailey channeled her energy and dedication to her studies and the upcoming Rush Week, but a sudden development changed everything. According to her, she accidentally heard some girls on campus conversing about her.

Hailey claimed that the girls stated all the sororities on campus had blacklisted her and that people were mocking her for participating again. Heartbroken at this, her mental health began suffering badly, and she eventually realized that all this stress and negativity was too much for her. Hence, Hailey withdrew from Rush Week and chose not to participate anymore.

Where is Hailey Holliday Now?

Since her decision not to participate in Rush Week on campus, Hailey Holliday has maintained a relatively low profile and does not publicly share many details of her life. Still, from what we can tell, she is working hard on her career and has started taking up modeling projects. Besides, Hailey was crowned Miss Orange Beach 2023 and even participated in the Miss Alabama pageant in the same year.

While Hailey was employed at the tanning salon in February 2023, it is unclear whether she still works there. Now in her sophomore year, she seems to have left the sorority life behind and has no regrets. Hailey shared in the documentary that her first year of college taught her a lot. Now, she is wonderfully utilizing her learnings to build the life she always dreamed of, and we wish her the best in all her endeavors.

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